How to construct garage with hole

How to construct garage with hole

With purchase of a car from each person there is more free time, it is more than freedom more problems. The very first question which the new car owner faces – where to put the machine. Of course, it is possible to lease garage. However it is simpler to owners of own parcel to build the house for car directly under the house.


1. If you have stopped on construction of own garage, receive permits for building of certain site. The exception is made by citizens by whom this earth is already owned.

2. In most cases the garage does not occupy huge spaces. In particular, standard dimensions of this design fluctuate within 30 square meters that makes 5 and 6 meters in width and length respectively. And you can change dependence on make of the car these proportions.

3. So, at construction of garage it is worth paying attention to viewing hole. It is necessary for those motorists who are able to repair the machine without resorting to the help of mechanics. For construction of viewing hole take red brick which will allow to achieve waterproofing. So the dampness will not get into viewing hole. As a result – you can not worry for the car and formation of corrosion.

4. Now decide on placement of viewing hole: along or across garage. The last option the most convenient since it will be convenient to you to go down in it. Unfortunately, it is necessary to construct the additional bridge under car wheels.

5. Also pick up hole depth. It remains especially at your choice: you will lie there, to sit or stand. For calculation of width of viewing hole take distance between car wheels, take away 150-200 mm from each party.

6. It is worth paying attention to the following. If you are the owner of small garage, at construction displace viewing hole to the right. It will allow you to open bravely driver's door and to get out of the car.

7. At the final stage place several shelves in hole wall. On them it is possible to put tools, spare parts and other things which will allow to make maintenance of the car in house conditions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team