How to construct gazebo at the dacha by the hands

How to construct gazebo at the dacha by the hands

The gazebo is irreplaceable attribute for country house or giving, it will create complete image of the homestead territory, will allow to take cover from the sun and rain. It is especially pleasant to gather in the warm summer afternoon with all members of household and friends in the cozy gazebo constructed by own hands.

It is required to you

  • - bar;
  • - lining;
  • - bricks or asbestos-cement pipes;
  • - level;
  • - shovel;
  • - roofing material;
  • - anchors;
  • - bolts;
  • - beams;
  • - decorative board;
  • - mordant or varnish;
  • - roller or brushes.


1. Construction of garden gazebo has to begin with laying of the foundation first of all. As lot of construction is small, it is not obligatory to do concrete foundation, design will be assured to stand also on the column base. Mark the place of future construction and skim on small depth of the turf. Plan contours and you pass to arrangement of columns under the base. For this purpose asbestos-cement pipes or bricks, optimum quantity of columns – not less than nine will approach. Check upper parts of columns by means of level, they have to be on one plane.

2. For laying of the basis wooden columns with special grooves which should be immured in brickwork or pipe will serve. If you have decided to make the base of tree, there is no need to establish additional fastenings. Deepen base columns in soil on soil frost depth, then for waterproofing lay roofing material layer.

3. Make the lower binding of wooden bars of 10х10 cm and attach them by means of anchors. Then to the basis fix vertically beams on all perimeter of future gazebo (enough four if the gazebo is rectangular). From above each bar make pro-saws for fastening of roof.

4. Start production of the top binding of roof, for this purpose you will need bar which has special grooves for beams. The roof can be various configuration: twin, direct or pyramidal. She should be collected on the earth then it is established on construction and fastens bolts.

5. Walls of gazebo can be made windproof or lattice, everything depends on your desire. For this purpose sheathe walls of RSD, from above trim with plastic lining or decorative board. The floor of gazebo is made of the wooden boards processed from prevention of rotting, not less than 4 cm thick.

6. When the construction is completely ready, cover all its wooden parts with mordant or it is delicious for prevention of rotting. It is possible to install in gazebo electrical equipment for lighting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team