How to construct gazebo at the dacha by the hands? Interesting options of gazebos

How to construct gazebo at the dacha by the hands? Interesting options of gazebos

Gazebo — the perfect place for carrying out leisure at the dacha. Is suitable also for carrying out friendly sit-round gathering, and for rest by all family, and for shish kebabs, days of births, summer holidays. It is proximity to the nature and opportunity to sit in tranquility with the favourite book. Generally, gazebo at the dacha — the center of all country life, therefore if you do not have it yet, then you need to construct it.

How to construct gazebo — the action plan


For a start it is necessary to choose the place where there will be your gazebo. To decide on arrangement, it will be necessary to understand approximately for what it to be used — for quiet rest or feasts with family and friends.

In the first case it is possible build construction in the depth of garden, to attend to creation of good view, at the same time the gazebo is quite independent architectural object therefore you do not need to worry about its harmony in relation to the house. In the second case the gazebo needs to be entered correctly in landscape and to sustain in  the same style in which the main house is built.

Base and framework

Important element of your construction is the base, though there are many options of absolutely different gazebos without the strong basis in the design. In case of construction of gazebo, apply the simple types of the bases easily available to creation by the hands — tape, pile, column.

The framework usually is made of armature, metal section or bar. The main condition of design is its ease, not loading, certain lightness.


Usually at construction of such small constructions for roof the bituminous tserepitsa is used.

The interesting ideas for gazebos

Gazebo from plastic bottles

It is quite real to make good gazebo of plastic bottles. Of course, it will be required to create the base, for example having screwed in to the earth metal columns which will form basis for framework from armature or metalprofile. Thus you will create form necessary for you, and then fill walls with plastic bottles. For creation of harmonious exterior of bottle it is better to pick up one-color or to use several different flowers of bottles in design, but at the same time observing some logic of alternation of color.

Gazebo from glass bottles

Glass bottles can be used as material for gazebo at you at the dacha too. Bases of creation of the base are already known to you. Walls are made of bottles as well as  brick walls — bottles give all the best in a row, connecting cement slurry. And necks of bottles have to be directed in construction.

Gazebo from reed and rod

If your gazebo is on the river bank or lakes, great option will be to make it of cane or reed mats, and  also by weaving of walls from rod.

Country gazebo from trunks of trees

Trunks of trees, and  also their boughs are suitable material for construction of simple gazebo. Not processed trunks which have kept the form, roughnesses, texture — great way to decorate your place of country rest.

Gazebo from wooden pallets

Easy way of construction of gazebo for giving is its construction from wooden pallets which are used for transportation of goods. Everything that it is necessary — to sheathe the made framework fixed on the base pallets which have been processed ( are ground and covered with mixes for protection of tree).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team