How to construct gazebo for barbecue

How to construct gazebo for barbecue

Now enjoys quite wide popularity self-made barbecues. On their construction a lot of time and means does not leave. It should be noted, the advantage of such small building is very high.

1. Stationary barbecue brick on concrete tape base are established. Brick walls has to be thickness in half-brick. The laying is carried out in the form of letter U. The grid for frying and pallet for wood charcoal can be established or on brackets which are closed up in seams between bricks, or on ledges of bricks, put in the corresponding ranks at right angle to wall.

2. In close proximity to zone of cooking it is recommended to organize working surface. Its upper part can be made of plywood or boards. The main design of barbecue can be expanded. For this purpose it is only necessary to build baseboard walls on which new working surfaces will lean. If to lift a little walls, then it is possible to organize table-top. As a result people will be able to settle down in close proximity to the place of cooking.

3. Prepare continuous footing. Use for this purpose of board and marking cords. Cords stretch for designation of provision of future wall of barbecue. After that apply with trowel solution layer on the prepared continuous footing along one of walls. Make grooves on layer of solution and lay the first row of bricks. By means of level check its horizontal position. Then will lay the second row. It is the best of all to begin it with half of the brick split across. Thereby you will create running bond. Continue to stack the following ranks. Each row has to be shifted on half-brick. On fifth row create basic ledge.

4. Sixth row of bricks needs to be stacked spike. Bricks will act on both sides of wall. Over row at which bricks act continue wall laying in half-brick, having laid 3 more rows. As a result the narrow ledge has to be formed. On it it is possible to opirat grid for frying and pallet for wood charcoal. If near at hand there is no pallet of sufficient width, then for its support it is possible to use metal shelf.

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