How to construct gazebo for giving by the hands

How to construct gazebo for giving by the hands

For good pastime at the dacha except the lodge there is not enough good gazebo. It seems everything is, and there is no normal place for sit-round gathering. Means, it should be constructed!

Of what material to build gazebo, each summer resident independently solves. It is the best of all to choose inexpensive and reliable options for this purpose. For example: wooden or metal. Skills of the welder will be necessary for you for construction of gazebo from profiles and if such is not available for you, construction of wooden gazebo will be the simplest.

Construction begins with construction of the base. Under this structure of the thorough base it is not required therefore on corners either brick columns, or concrete just are established. To make marking of corners with the help laces and on equality of diagonals.

Before use of wooden material it is necessary to process it means from rotting, fungus and ignition. For this purpose is ideal antiseptics ognebio for "Senezh". If dark and stale material then it is exposed also to spraying by bleach of the same producer is applied.

Further the lower binding of columns bar 100*100 becomes, racks, the top bandaging, crossing points rail-posts at the height about 80 cm from floor are established, logs under floor keep within (at distance no more than 1 meter from each other and for roof.

Installation of rafters demands small calculations. For this purpose remember Pythagorean theorem from the school program. Length of slush-making bar the roof height issue is halved, resolved (no more than 1 meter for gazebo of 3*3 m). The method of addition of squares of lengths of half of slush-making bar and height of roof, calculates length of one stropilina. Slush-making keep within from corner on corner, for creation of roof in the form of pyramid. In the place of crossing of slush-making the column on which rafters will lean becomes. The first couple of rafters is established, and all the subsequent adjoin it the upper edges on the center. Furring on each slope of roof jams and becomes covered with the chosen material, for example: the soft roof will be ideal for your gazebo at the dacha.

Then it is the best of all to drive in lee side of gazebo tightly any material, for example: roofing boards or polycarbonate that there was no draft.

All necessary furniture in gazebo is floored and established. On the walls it is possible to plant plants which will create then green hedge from the street.

Painting of gazebo can be made any external paint, it is the best of all colourless to keep texture of tree.

As a result the beautiful and reliable gazebo at the dacha constructed by the hands turns out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team