How to construct gazebo the hands

How to construct gazebo the hands

Hot summer day. Into the house and there is no wish to come, and it would be time to drink also to tea. "There would be gazebo, it would be possible to have dinner directly in the fresh air …" - is thought to you. Long it is not necessary to reflect, having read how to construct gazebo the hands, safely you pass to business.


1. At first choose site for future construction. There will be gazebo with roof or without, it is better to put it in shadow, it is desirable in the place protected from wind. How footpaths in garden are located, define quantity of entrances to gazebo in advance.

2. Having chosen the place and having made sure that future construction will organically fit into local landscape, think over its exterior and type. In spite of the fact that the gazebo is considered easy construction, it is better to do it not folding, but stationary.

3. On the chosen site mark the base, remove the top, black soil. The simplest option is to use the metal or asbestos pipes concreted in the deepenings which are in advance drilled in the earth. In order that there was no movement of columns of the base of gazebo when freezing and thawing soil, depth of holes has to be not less than the level of its freezing.

4. On perimeter of the base lay and fix the lower (banding) row. As material for construction of gazebo use wooden bar from pine wood section 100kh150mm.

5. By means of corners establish on chord the vertical wooden racks with a section of 100х100 mm 2-2.1 m high from floor height of gazebo under construction. In order that racks were located strictly vertically, will expose them on plumb and temporarily fix by drag struts.

6. Lay logs for floor on the executed brick columns and fix their ends on chord. Between logs and brick columns of the base arrange waterproofing. From above sew floor board nails.

7. Now start construction of roof of future gazebo. In the pro-saws which are in advance made in vertical racks establish and fix crossbeams on which the rafter system for double-pitch roof will lean. Make furring of eaves board. On it fix covering – polycarbonate.

8. At height from floor height fix by the 110-120th board 30kh100mm on vertical racks on all perimeter of gazebo under construction. Sew up space between board and chord with lining. Execute walls from the sewn board to top in the form of wooden grid. In conclusion paint the gazebo constructed by the hands favourite color, place country furniture.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team