How to construct good bath

How to construct good bath

The good Russian bath is under construction on own site not only for pleasure and removal of nervous tension, but also for raising of spirit and strengthening of health. Construction of bath – rather responsible work which is usually trusted skilled masters from whom the ability and knowledge of all features of the building is required. However many people dream to construct qualitative bath the hands, having turned the dream into reality.


1. Before starting construction of bath, it is necessary to choose the suitable place and to make the plan: internal partitions, location of the furnace, building size. After sketches are made, it is worth choosing material of which the bath will be constructed. It is the best of all to build the building from round logs, using at the same time trees of coniferous breeds: fir-tree or pine. These materials has big density that will provide long service of bath.

2. It is the best of all to start construction in cold season as during this period wood practically does not contain moisture. Otherwise you should increase time and financial expenditure to dry up bar. Base height completely depends on characteristics of the site: for stony and clay soils there will be 40-60 centimeters enough, in other cases it is desirable to increase height of the base to 60-80 centimeters.

3. If you build bath of log, then it is necessary to do the first wreath of thicker logs, stacking them on dense layer of waterproofing. Process bottom side anti-septic tank and cover with waterproofing mastic. Between logs lay the tape mezhventsovy heater made of linen or jute. This material is on sale in rolls, it needs to be cut on strips, to lay between bar or logs and to fix by means of the stapler.

4. Basic element of each bath – steam room. In order that air was evenly distributed on steam room, it is necessary to pay special attention to the system of vapor barrier, ventilation and thermal insulation at construction. Further sheathe steam room wooden lining. Having trimmed bath with cedar, you will feel great curative aroma.

5. The cozy and pleasant atmosphere in bath will be given by lighting. Pay special attention to safety: plafonds for lamps have to maintain high temperature. The handle on door has to be manufactured of tree, otherwise you will burn hands. Near the furnace create decorative protection, and you should not put it closely to regiments to secure themselves against accidental touch.

6. The electrical wiring has to be laid according to bias of bath and be in asbestos-cement pipe. Wires in corridor or the waiting room have to be isolated. Carry out the switch to the waiting room, but, not to washing and pair office at all.

7. For heating of steam room you can use the furnace Kamenka, pipes with gas or electric heaters. But the furnace Kamenka which it is worth arranging in corner remains the best option. The size and form of the furnace can be chosen to order or to get already ready in shop.

8. Make window in steam room 70-80 centimeters lower than ceiling from West side. Such arrangement will give more daylight and will reduce steam losses if in window there is slot. The door has to open towards steam room and have height no more than 150 centimeters, and make threshold above floor on 30 centimeters. Do not forget to warm the attic in avoidance heat waste.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team