How to construct greenhouse

How to construct greenhouse

The greenhouse is dream practically of each gardener. In such greenhouse will endure winter even tropical plants and it will be possible to be engaged in gardening all the year round, despite of weather. But one winter night without heating suffices and all plants can die therefore it is necessary to approach construction of greenhouse very responsibly and to carefully think over everything to the last trifles.


1. Choose the place for oranzhereipra the choice of the space for construction of greenhouse it is necessary to consider such factors as protection against wind and duration of natural lighting. The greenhouse in places where on it the shadow from other objects will fall is not recommended to place.

2. Lay the foundation oranzhereidlya constructions of greenhouse continuous footing from concrete or stone will approach. Depth of the basis has to reach the level of not freezing of the earth. It is possible to warm continuous footing by means of polystyrene polyfoam. Such base will keep heat in the base air beds of greenhouse and, thanks to it, you will be able to save on heating.

3. Mount framework PVC, aluminum or galvanized steel will be ideal For production of framework. Designs from these materials have the good isolating properties, the increased durability and resistance to deformations. It is not recommended to use tree for production of framework since it is subject to rotting and demands bigger leaving.

4. Establish external obshivkumateriala for external covering have to have good transparency and heat-insulating properties and also high coefficient of light scattering. Such materials as glass or monolithic polycarbonate will be suitable for these purposes.

5. Make sexual nastilsledut to remember that materials for subfloor in greenhouses have to have drainage function. The fine gravel well will be suitable for these purposes.

6. Lay kryshukrysha of greenhouse it is recommended to do of cellular polycarbonate. This material is lighter than glass and does not concede to it on the properties.

7. Carry out otopleniyedlya heating of greenhouse it is possible to use petrol, gas or electric boilers. At design of heating it is necessary to provide additional, safety options in case of interruptions in gas supply or electricity.

8. Carry out watering sistemuavtomatichesky irrigation systems will allow you to save the mass of forces and time.

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