How to construct hotbed most

How to construct hotbed most

Not each owner of the seasonal dacha is able to afford the full-fledged glass greenhouse for cultivation of seedling. But any person can make with ease hotbed which on the functional qualities is not worse at all though the place and expenses demands much less.


1. Today the set of the firms specializing in goods for gardeners offer already ready hotbeds which are only enough to be established on the site. However this design is so simple that it is quite possible to construct hotbed most. For this purpose no special skills or materials are necessary.

2. Hotbeds of two types are the most widespread today: arc-shaped and lean-to. The choice of basis of design of hotbed depends on the place where it is going to construct hotbed, from available materials and from preferences of the owner.

3. Lean-to hotbeds usually do of the glazed frames and binding. The old window frames which have remained after installation of plastic windows perfectly are suitable for similar hotbed. The hotbed is guided on parts of the world: from North side the binding rises slightly above, and from southern the support for frames becomes. Thus the hotbed is unrolled by the glazed party to the South.

4. Before construction of lean-to hotbed the hole about 70 cm in depth which is filled with biofuel is dug out. As biofuel cow or horse manure well approaches. The layer of manure is covered with bast mats or straw, and from above filled up with thick layer of the good garden earth. Walls of hotbed do from a few raised boards that the earth did not get enough sleep too much. On support from wooden bars establish frames in which bottom edge cut openings for drain of rain water. Window frames are especially convenient to what thanks to the opening shutters guys it is easy to air as required.

5. Arc-shaped hotbeds do by means of semicircular plastic or metal arches and the polyethylene film tense on them. Greenhouse arches can be got or in flower shop, or to make independently of gymnastic hoops (hulakhup), having cut them in half. The hotbed is established over in advance prepared ridge filled with mix of the garden earth and the humus laid on layer of the rerotting manure. The ends of arches are buried to the earth, to them by means of ties the film becomes attached. Edges of film can be fixed also by means of cobble-stones or bricks. For work in hotbed or airing the film is unbent, and then returned into place. Such type of hotbed is especially convenient the dynamism – easy to transfer it from place to place in process of wear of the soil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team