How to construct hotel?

How to construct hotel?

If you have seriously decided to be engaged in travel business, then, perhaps, not to do you without construction of small hotel. Creation of new hotel represents difficult and multistage process. What should be considered at construction of hotel?


1. All parties of the organization of hotel should be considered in total: demand and competitive environment, level of utility payments, cost of rent of the parcel, type of hotel and many other things.

2. Before making the weighed decision on construction of hotel, it is necessary to perform consecutive number of operations. It is possible that during the analysis of market situation you will make the decision that construction of hotel taking into account your circumstances will be unprofitable. Study the market in detail to make sure that investments into hotel business will be justified and the market is ready to accept new object.

3. Choose the most suitable type of hotel, being guided by maximum efficiency. The type of hotel product has to satisfy to the available demand in the most favorable way. For definition of type of hotel it will be required to carry out some predesign preparation which begins with market research.

4. Collect information on the current and last state of the market and condition of competitors. Effectively operation of hotel object can be carried out approximately within 20-40 years. The long-term analysis is required for establishment of the trends in the industry connected with stability of the market, the prospects of its growth or decline.

5. Researches of market conditions are based on assessment of supply and demand. For the purposes of creation of hotel the availability of materials for its construction will be the offer, and demand is defined by number of the tourists visiting the area where it is going to construct hotel.

6. After carrying out market research it is necessary to define type of hotel which will fit into market and local conditions. It is not necessary to hurry with creation of unique and unusual hotel product which will demand so "unusual" consumer. The novelty of product only for a while can delay on itself part of consumers who for certain will return subsequently to the experienced types of service offered by competitors.

7. The most successful owners of hotel business, as shows experience, offer quality product at the corresponding price. Set of services absolutely optional has to be reduced. The hotel which is in the city core with full service can not have the choice of bars, but is capable to compensate their absence by additional rooms' size.

8. The important place in definition like future hotel is taken by the analysis of transit trips and target groups of consumers. Pay attention to seasonality of trips.

9. The choice of the place for hotel not least is defined by competitive environment, in particular level of their prices and seasonal load. The expected place has to consider proximity of generators of demand, thoroughfares, restaurants and entertaining institutions.

10. The location of hotel has to provide its availability and the good overview. Whether the sign of hotel will be well visible? Whether the entrance from the central highway is convenient? You need to answer these questions even prior to construction. Remember that the right choice of the place for construction of hotel complex in many respects defines success of the enterprise.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team