How to construct hunting lodge

How to construct hunting lodge

The hunting lodge is the construction constructed of improvised materials with use of the minimum quantity of tools. The lodge is intended for the shelter from bad weather during long hunting, fishing, wood procurement, hay, during mass preparation of mushrooms, berries, officinal herbs and other gifts of the nature.

It is required to you

  • - wood round timber;
  • - spade;
  • - chainsaw;
  • - iron brackets;
  • - roofing material;
  • - glasses;
  • - brick.


1. Any building begins with the base. As the base for construction of hunting lodge use the wood round timber. Clean logs from bark by means of spade, dry within 6 months.

2. Level the space for construction, lay logs on all perimeter of future lodge.

3. Do walls of hunting lodge of improvised materials. In the forest the most available material is the wood round timber. Prepare necessary quantity, oshkurita, make felling in claw. For fastening of felling use iron brackets.

4. That the lodge was rather warm at all seasons of the year, lay each row thick layer of moss. In addition it will not be required to caulk construction. The moss well isolates emptiness and keeps heat.

5. As overlapping use the wood round timber or dismiss it the chainsaw on two parts. Warm ceiling the earth, carefully stamp it and lay moss in several layers.

6. Roof make lean-to. For its construction it is enough to raise one party by means of logs and to make slope in other party. As roofing material use roofing felt or iron - it is the only material which you should bring to the site, apart from the fact that the brick for laying of the furnace and glass will be required if you are going to make windows.

7. By Paule make clay adobe. For production of solution mix 1 part of the rich not burned clay with three parts of straw or sawdust, lay layer on logs, carefully stamp.

8. Plaster inside face of walls. Prepare solution from 1 part of clay, 3 parts of sand. Upholster walls with thin rails, having made grid. Fill furring solution, level.

9. You can make the oven without wells. For heating of small lodge of 25-30 square meters in size enough oven of 40х60 cm in size.

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