How to construct hydroelectric power station

How to construct hydroelectric power station

The hydroelectric power station represents huge construction in which power production is carried out with use of water stream. In the territory of our country there is set of similar stations. Of them the Volga hydroelectric power station and Brotherly hydroelectric power station are the biggest and known.


1. Electricity generation in such a way, apart from flooding by water of large territories, is absolutely safe as in this case use of toxic or toxic agents is excluded. Also, unlike thermal power plants and the NPP, it is possible to receive the electric power without by-products, such as smoke and ashes. To construct hydroelectric power station independently, it is necessary to put a lot of effort and patience. First of all create dam from concrete and crushed stone on any river. Then clean the flooded territory and move the population if it is necessary.

2. Further hold testing of ways of power production. For construction choose high-quality materials which will be able to sustain huge pressure of water when reservoir completely to be filled. Use only the technologies of production of the electric power checked by time by means of water current. To experiment in this case it is inappropriate as it can lead to very serious consequences.

3. Recently there was opportunity to create mini-hydroelectric power stations in which energy is developed due to creation of artificial whirlpool. Independently to make such hydroelectric power station, design special system by means of which it will be possible to create whirlpool on the small rivulet and to develop the first electric power cotton wool. The only thing and, perhaps, very notable lack of such systems is their low power which will hardly be enough to provide with electricity nearby villages. Advantage of mini hydroelectric power station is their ecological security as they practically do not flood the surrounding territory.

4. Construction of full-fledged hydroelectric power station can take from 2 to 5 years, depending on its size therefore have patience and carry out all operations according to the recommendations of professionals of the business. And then through certain period you will be able to get the eco-friendly and safe electric power.

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