How to construct incubator

How to construct incubator

Incubator - thing very useful and necessary in farm. However, the cost of the ready device which is on sale in shops is rather high. How to construct incubator the hands?

It is required to you

  • - plywood or corrugated fibreboard;
  • - paper;
  • - glue;
  • - wooden bars;
  • - drill;
  • - felt or polyfoam;
  • - metal or kapron gauze;
  • - glow lamps;
  • - temperature regulator;
  • - psychrometer


1. Calculate the incubator sizes. For this purpose it is necessary to define amount of eggs which is going to be picked within one week.

2. Collect box of the required size from corrugated fibreboard or plywood. Accurately paste over inside and outer surface of box with white paper. It is necessary to paste paper in several layers. Make the removable cover allowing to make laying of eggs in tray.

3. Warm incubator walls. For these purposes it is possible to use polyfoam or foam rubber.

4. Mark and make air vents in day of box so that they were not closed by pallet with water which will be installed on incubator bottom. Water is necessary for maintenance of humidity.

5. Beat wooden bars to the incubator bottom so that between surface on which the unit will be located and the gap in 5 cm remained its bottom.

6. Make support for installation of tray. It is necessary to know that between walls of box and edges of tray there has to be interval of 5-7 cm. It is necessary for good air circulation. Take wooden bars of the necessary size and cut through in them grooves. Fix bars on box sidewalls on the center so that grooves have appeared at the top faces.

7. Make pallet for eggs. For this purpose build wooden frame of the required size and pull on it grid. Fence tray with sides.

8. Install the system of heating. For heating of incubator it is recommended to use incandescence bulbs. It is necessary to consider that the distance from glow lamps to eggs has to make, at least, 25 cm. For more uniform distribution of heat it is recommended to establish heating coils from above.

9. Equip incubator with temperature regulator. For this purpose fix its body on outer surface of incubator, and the sensor - inside. Set the round-the-clock operating mode of the device. For humidity monitoring in incubator it is necessary to equip it with the psychrometer. This device can be bought in pet-shop.

10. Test the device at least within two days. Adjust temperature. If tests have taken place normally, your incubator is ready to the first bookmark.

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