How to construct iron garage

How to construct iron garage

It is much simpler to make metal garage, than build it brick or slag stone. In most cases it is not necessary to be engaged in mortgaging of full-fledged continuous footing. Such garage can be made on plates.


1. Before installation of metal garage cover with concrete the site. It will play role of the base and floor at the same time. Height of such covering has to be about 20 cm. In the course of filling lay rods or the metal gauze. For standard garage there will be enough 2-3 cubic meters of concrete. Leave a little material on blind area.

2. Get metal garage in specialized shop. At the moment it is possible to buy design of various form and coloring. Consider, the garage from normal steel can rust and give in to corrosion very quickly. It is recommended to take at once metal design which is sheathed by professional flooring. Minus such garage - the high price.

3. The iron garage most often has framework or collapsible structure. For this reason you can easily transport it to any place and directly collect at the site.

4. Pay special attention to warming. It is carried out as well as for normal garage. Sheathe walls and ceiling polyfoam or mineral wool. Over heater make covering of tree or special plates. Also in the market you can find already ready warmed garages.

5. The design of gate can significantly differ. Most often use oar gate for such designs, however there are in the market and automatic section.

6. When choosing iron garage pay special attention it to height and also height of gate. In advance think of roof. It can be lean-to or dual-slop. Send slope to the necessary party. Do not forget that the metal garage is less reliable, than brick. For this reason once again think of expediency of its acquisition.

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