How to construct labyrinth

How to construct labyrinth

Most of people prefer to equip interior of the apartments and houses. Such way is very convenient. Services of the professional designer sometimes cost very much therefore much more economically most to think up design of the dwelling. Also it is convenient that you can turn your imaginations and dreams into reality. When developing interior design it is possible to use extraordinary approaches. For example, to place small labyrinth in the house or the apartment. How to make it?

It is required to you

  • Plywood, tools for work with tree, material for covering, sound component, wires, lamps for illumination, toys and accessories.


1. For a start it is necessary to decide on what will be your labyrinth. In the city apartment it is pretty difficult to make it if only you have not two-story apartment. Best of all the country house or giving will be suitable for creation of labyrinth. Think of where you want to place future labyrinth. It can be the basement of your house. It will give to your labyrinth more mystery and mysteriousness. It is also possible to make small labyrinth in which your children will play. Having placed it under balcony of the second floor, you will be able to watch how your child tries to find only the correct way from above.

2. Let's say that you have chosen as the place for future labyrinth the basement. now it is a high time to think of the drawing. It is one of the most important parts of construction of labyrinth. Labyrinths happen different type and different complexity. Best of all in the house to do labyrinth of rectangular or square shape. Such labyrinth is simple in construction. Develop detailed labyrinth on paper. It is possible to take already ready scheme from any source, and it is possible to use own imagination. Remember that the labyrinth has to have only one best way out. Also try not to do too difficult ways. After all this small entertainment for your guests, but not torture. After production of the sketch make the exact drawing with sizes. Width of corridors has to be sufficient that in it the adult, but also not really wide that made impression of the closed space quietly moved.

3. Now, when the detailed drawing is ready, it is possible to start directly preparation of the room. It is necessary to clean it from excess objects completely. Also investigate floor, walls and ceiling on availability of roughnesses. They need to be removed. Now it is necessary to buy material of which you will do corridors of future labyrinth. It is the best of all to use not thick sheets and plywood. They are easy in processing and do not take a lot of place. Material needs to be taken with stock if you will spoil part of preparations.

4. Make preparations of labyrinth of the bought material. Them will be much therefore it is necessary to bring together them in process of production, beginning from distant wall. It is recommended to fix among themselves parts screws. You watch that from below parts densely adjoined to floor and there was no small slot left through which light can get. When all preparations are established, it is necessary to think over lighting. Here everything depends only on your imagination. It is the best of all to establish small lamps in different parts of labyrinth, but to do it it is necessary evenly not to allocate the correct way of exit.

5. After installation of lighting it is necessary to take care of external ornament. It is possible to paint labyrinth walls some color or to imitate surface of oak boards. But it is the best of all to sheathe labyrinth walls fabric, for example, the material similar to velvet. Also think of accessories. Establish the stylized toys with mysterious dimmy illumination. Bats with the shining eyes will beautifully look. It is also possible to hang up portraits of magicians or sorcerers, having slightly illuminated them. It will be very realistic if you add to all also soundtrack. For this purpose establish several columns on ceiling. For this purpose use round loudspeakers.

6. It is also possible to equip your labyrinth with the system of video of tracking, then you will have opportunity to monitor all movements of the guest. Do not forget also about the correct way of exit. It needs to be allocated somehow. It is the best of all to use light signals. For example, in the middle of all corridors to lay LED tape. On the right track lay tape of green color, and on wrong - red. Remove connection of tapes to one button or the remote controller, now when pressing the button the lost person easily will find way out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team