How to construct metal garage the hands

How to construct metal garage the hands

In the big city to possess garage – improbable good luck. It is just a shame to owners of country houses not to have havens for own machine. Those owners of cars who live in the country are simply obliged to build independently at least metal garage.

Motorists constantly think of solution of the problem of the shelter of the machine from natural cataclysms – rain, snow, frost. For this purpose the garage serves. Construction can be:

  • wooden;
  • stone;
  • block;

It is undesirable to build object of tree because of high risk of fire. As for stone and block option – they demand special skills of construction.

The metal garage is rather fast and cheap solution of the problem of the parking. Structure of such house for the machine rather simple. The similar construction can be mounted by own efforts, without involvement of skilled workers.


The combined metalframework of garage has number of advantages:

  • high stability before ignition;
  • relative availability of cost of materials;
  • security from vandals.

The precast structure from metal does not belong to the capital building therefore it is possible to establish it without execution of documentation.

Standard types

The sizes of metal construction can be different. Production of iron garage demands respect for the technology sequence. First of all, it is necessary to make the drawing of the building.

In calculations it is necessary to consider the size of the car and also workplace, racks and shelves. The standard scheme of such object has the following values:

  • width – 3‒3,5 m;
  • height – 2‒2,5 m;
  • length – 6 m.

Being guided by the ready project and detailed calculation, it is necessary to make purchase of construction materials. For construction of construction it is necessary to buy:

  • profile from iron;
  • profile leaf;
  • armature;
  • boards;
  • concrete;
  • set of loops for gate;
  • plywood or chipboard.

Installation of construction assumes the following stages of construction:

  • base;
  • assembly of framework;
  • warming of walls and roof;
  • production of gate.

And gate can be got in original packing or to weld them independently.

Continuous footing

When highlights are found out, it is necessary to start basis construction. Use continuous footing under the automobile shed or put reinforced concrete slab.

On the cleaned site mark the space for the base on the available scheme. In corners it is necessary to make openings under pegs and to establish them to plan future walls of the building. Check parallelism of walls by means of measurement of diagonal. Under condition when values identical – operations are performed correctly.

Along lines make ditch 30 cm wide and 40 cm in depth. Fill up bottom with sand and gravel pillow, expose timber formwork which has to leave higher than ditch on 20 cm. In trench lay polyethylene material instead of waterproofing and record armature. In corners of design it is necessary to establish anchor, with a diameter not less than 16 mm. To them the garage framework will be fixed further. Fill in timbering with concrete mix, sustain week until material develops good strength.


Traditionally garage framework is welded, using metal corner, large on section, therefore the design considerably becomes stronger. We recommend framework to collect in the place of expected installation of metal garage at once. Basis assembly steps from metal for garage the following:

  • Weld frame from below. Attach it to speakers from concrete to mortgages so that parts of armature were located indoors.
  • Weld vertical props on corners.
  • Establish and fix two props which will become "door jambs" for gate later in front part of garage.
  • Fix by frame from above all props.

Make supporters of future roof. When it is planned lean-to, front props (in front of garage) remove above, than the others that the bias was to back wall of design. If the gable roof is provided, it is necessary to weld triangular rafters, and then their welding, rivets or bolts to attach to the top garage frame.

Intermediate props you fix, maintaining identical intervals – it will strengthen the general structural strength.

Especially pay attention to such moment. The amount of flight between support needs to be maintained on width of metal sheet from which then the garage wall will be executed. When it is provided to fix sheets with an overlap – between props it is required to do interval, smaller on 5 cm.

The profile which is provided for production of framework has to have thick walls (at least 3 mm), otherwise the required rigidity of design will not be provided.

When mounting corner posts it is necessary to expose them strictly vertically on level, welding not only on the lower corners, but also on anchors. It is required to establish these racks outside by corner. As much as possible to strengthen design, we recommend to weld on diagonal additional corners between racks.

Height of the triangular framework welded for duo-pitch roof is half-meter. For mounting of design at first it is necessary to weld rafters on vertical support, and then to connect to ridge board.

Design covering

After the end of production of framework it is required to sheathe it professional flooring or steel sheets. Metal you fix welding or bolts. It is easy to damage galvanization of pressed metal sheets at the time of welding because of what we recommend them to fasten self-tapping screws.

When metal welding is provided, at first cut sheets by the required sizes, and then take them to corners. Only after that it will be convenient to boil covering among themselves. Fixing professional flooring, carry out five-centimetric overlap and fasten sheets self-tapping screws. Having finished design covering metal, by all means cover it with soil twice then put final covering with paint.

Begin fixing of metal on roof from below. Having attached one row, following stack over it, providing fifteen-centimetric overlap. At similar mounting, water will not flow in the room. To be reinsured, miss the mark all joints of sheets with sealant. It is more preferable to use the sheets having the size slope to roof – then it will turn out to do without seams at all.


Weld from corner frame for garage gate. By all means strengthen its design armature, having fixed it by means of welding on diagonal. Also welding attach to frame and racks of loop. Sheathe outer side of gate metal, having trimmed their inside face with wood or other finishing material.


As metal differs in high heat conductivity, in the winter in the built garage will be extremely cold. Correctly warmed room has to be protected from possibility of ignition therefore it is recommended to apply non-combustible materials to heater, for example, mineral wool. It is allowed to use also the foam plates, placing them between racks, however such material belongs to the category dangerous at ignition. The laid pieces of mineral wool should be sewn up with chipboard or moisture resistant plywood.

Attention! Lay garage electrical wiring before heater laying.

If about question of warming the question was brought up in advance (for blueprint stage), then it is easy to execute framework convenient for fastening to it the polystyrine or foam plates having thickness of 5 cm. It is convenient to fix heater plates in niches, welding on over them reinforcing bars or fixing heater by glue.

Over heater we recommend to pull the special vapor-permeable membrane protecting from natural evaporations as they are inevitable at daily operation of garage. The safest thermal insulator – mineral wool. It can be fixed tension cord between racks. The similar option of warming will demand subsequently interior fine finish that walls looked esthetically. As material it is recommended to apply to such fine finish of garage internal walls:

  • the painted gypsum cardboard;
  • wooden or metal lining.

Ventilation system

To secure own stay in metal garage in which there are no windows the reliable ventilation system is required. The metal surfaces of the building do not allow to execute air exchange through walls. And even if to open gate, all the same in the depth of the garage room harmful petrol vapors collect.

How to organize with own hand ventilation in metal garage? For blueprint stage by all means think over  air exchange elements indoors:

  • make barred opening through which fresh air will be able to come to garage in the bottom of gate;
  • provide exhaust pipe in roof, having arranged it on room diagonal opposite to the incoming opening.

Diameter of the made exhaust pipe for self-made garage should not be less than 15 cm (in calculation of 1 cm on each cubic meter of garage volume). From above close pipe cap, preventing penetration in the room of precipitation. And here make the incoming opening time in one and a half more.

Cold air, after hit to the room, heats up from the heated machine, then is saturated with couples, moves up, being extended by pipe. Under all physical laws the natural ventilation quite so functions. The organization of the combined vent system will not prevent – for this purpose it is worth putting the fan on exhaust pipe. To completely automate the happening process of air exchange in garage there is no sense.


The metal garage cannot be compared on comfort and reliability to brick analog, however simplicity of design and speed of mounting inspire handymen to construct such metal boxes that stores in them the car.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team