How to construct mud hut

How to construct mud hut

For construction of mud hut throughout centuries natural construction materials were used: straw, clay, tree, cane. Now the mud hut represents the decorative building combining cosiness of housing and resistance to cold weather and moisture.


1. Prepare trunks of trees with a diameter about 15 cm, too thick brevnyshka to do optional. It is better to carry out fastening and sheaf not by means of nails, and rope or wire. Mark the place for construction of mud hut, clean it. Now make marking for columns. If you are going to construct small lodge, then will be to establish four columns enough. If the lodge is more, then add on one column for strengthening of each wall. Drive columns in the earth.

2. Now you can begin binding of cross and longitudinal crossbeams. On ceiling and on floor miss brevnyshka under logs on distance not smaller, than 0.5 m one from another. For strengthening of walls of brevnyshka as it is possible sew to each other more densely. Trim superfluous the axe that there was no big slot left between logs.

3. When you collect all framework of the house, start warming of walls. Rope or wire bind rods on walls. Impose them cross on cross. Make several layers 0.2 - 0.3 m thick of rods. They will serve as so-called armature that clay did not lag behind walls as the layer it will be quite thick.

4. Or the soil which is under top layer of the earth miss the mark with solution from sand and clay walls and ceiling to warm lodge. Thickness of layer has to be about 20 cm. Before you begin to fill up with soil ceiling, lay film or replace it with straw, dry grass.

5. Now collect door and window. It is possible to make them by means of the axe. Adjust them more densely that there was no heat. Sheathe fabric or decayed clothes door. Insert double glasses into window. Soil for the solution applied on walls can be dug out directly in lodge and when laying floor to make the hatch. Then it will be possible to store the stocks in the subfield. Walls of mud hut need to be oiled every year as the covering will burst.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team