How to construct on giving barbecue

How to construct on giving barbecue

Do you remember the first shish kebabs fried on bricks? Bricks put on edge on two in height, constructed some wall. From it at distance of 25-30 cm put the second, just the same. And everything, the design for preparation of shish kebabs is ready. It is possible to burn down firewood and in process of formation of coals, to begin to fry shish kebabs. What they were tasty, slightly burned, not really well-done, but prepared on live fire and the hands. By this principle, but it is more fundamental, the barbecue at the dacha is under construction.


1. The first that needs to be made – to choose the space for future oven for preparation of fried meat, small fish, shish kebabs, sausages, etc. It is desirable that it was located near the house, and there would be opportunity to unite the place of preparation of delicacy with the place of its tasting. The best option is terrace on which barbecues, tables, chairs would be located. If there is no such opportunity, do the separate furnace.

2. After the choice of the space for construction of barbecue, start preparation of site. The area of the base depends on what design of barbecue was defined by your imagination. If besides actually furnace, you want to make the place for washing of hands, the place for storage of various devices (grids, brazier, skewers, etc.), then quite extensive design will turn out. If is built only to bake, then the site of the base of 1 sq.m in size is quite sufficient. For this purpose on depth of 25 cm choose earth layer, fill up crushed stone, moisten it with water and stamp. Then lay the armature made of wire and having put timbering, flood site with concrete on thickness about 10 cm.

3. From red brick lay out the furnace basis. Spread walls in half-brick on sand-cement (3:1) solution. Height of the basis is 60-70 cm. In front wall leave rectangular opening for laying of reserve of firewood. On perimeter of walls of the basis make belt of the bricks laid across. Stack them so that they acted as in the furnace, and outside (future support for work table). In the furnace it will be the basis for installation of pallet for coals. Having installed pallet (in it ashes will gather), from above lay grid for coals on it.

4. Further continue laying of 3 walls (without lobby front) in half-brick. Carry out laying from oven brick on clay solution of the necessary height. Through 3 rows put between brick-on-edge courses on all three walls on two metal rods which have to act from wall in the furnace on 60-75 mm. It will be brackets for laying of grid. From the shamotny or oven brick laid on clay solution lay out pipe.

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