How to construct panel board bath

How to construct panel board bath

Already hundreds of years the bath does not lose the attractiveness. It was traditionally made of logs, then brick, and now it is possible to build it for very short time thanks to panel board technology. It is not complexity so this work can be performed with one assistant. Besides its cost, in comparison with brick, will be significantly lower.

It is required to you

  • - saw;
  • - hammer;
  • - nails;
  • - board;
  • - bar;
  • - OSB plate;
  • - heater;
  • - vapor barrier;
  • - rafters;
  • - roofing material;
  • - concrete.


1. Prepare the base. Thanks to ease of the building, it is possible considerably if to compare to brick, to save on this stage money. Therefore you should not do continuous footing, rather column. Then mount the bearing skeleton. If to apply for this purpose metal channel then not only design weight, but because of its interaction with the external environment will increase, it easily will pass cold inside and to take away warmly outside. Therefore for stationary panel board bath use wood as supporters. For this purpose in advance process them antiseptics to increase their term of operation.

2. Make framework. For this purpose use either bar of 100х100 mm, or 100х50 mm. Fill vapor barrier layer from outer end. Fasten to framework self-tapping screws of plate of OSB 14-16 mm. From the inside lay heater on the walls. Usually apply glass wool, but it is better to use basalt though it more expensively, but is ecologically safe. From the inside also fill vapor barrier. Then close perimeter wooden lining. The vapor barrier protects bath design from hit of moisture at operation. Besides, it should be laid in places of joints of door and window openings. Heater, not only will keep warmly indoors, but also will protect from cold from outer side. Its thickness has to be at least 150 mm on mineral wool. At use of other material, it is adjusted. In addition put windscreen.

3. Assign wooden floor. Under logs enclose roofing material to protect them from moisture. Having beaten boards, then carefully grind them. Together installations of the oven, flood concrete site of 1 sq.m. Make also in washing where on floor put tile and make water exit outside in cesspool. Establish roof. It can be any configuration – one or dual-slop, flat, etc. On ceiling put heater. Make sweating room and the recreation room. Establish in shelf sweating room – the first in 70 cm from floor. The furnace arrange furnace opening outside, to the recreation room. Insulate pass of pipe through wooden elements asbestos. In sweating room fence the furnace with wooden board, at distance of 20 cm. The furnace will be supplementary or main heating. Establish windows and doors. Outside cover bath with siding.

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