How to construct pergola

How to construct pergola

Pergolas were decoration of gardens in Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. This design (wooden is more often) is intended for protection against the sun. The pergola constructed on personal plot will become not only beautiful element of landscaping, but also the most favourite, and the visited place at the dacha.

It is required to you

  • - wooden bars with cross-section of 70-100 mm and 50-70 mm;
  • - fixture (nails, corners, screws);
  • - concrete or quarrystone.


1. The first that you should make, it to decide on pergola role on your site. It can serve, for example, as decoration of flower bed (pergola arch), can be type of corridor from gate to the house or replace gazebo on functions. Also choose suitable form of construction (linear, spherical, polygonal, and cubic) and draw the plan of design.

2. Choose material for construction (tree, metal or plastic), you can combine different, using concrete, stone or brick as vertical columns. But you remember that installation of such support is labor-consuming, demands certain skills and abilities.

3. Find site, suitable for construction. Define on it places for vertical beams. Dig out the corresponding quantity of holes about 60 cm in depth and fix racks in these deepenings by means of quarrystone (construction stone), concrete or for fixing, you can use special support in the form of metal glasses. If as construction material you use tree, then process it anti-septic tank. It you will increase life cycle of wood structure.

4. Further fix horizontal logs. For this purpose use brackets, brackets or screws. The design will be stronger if you apply finger joints. Insert thorn (ledge on the end of supporting beam) into in advance prepared slot (deepening) of side bar at right angle.

5. By means of nails fix crossbeams in upper part of side crossbeams. Arrange them at uniform distance from each other and try to drive in nails at an acute angle that these connections maintained wind gusts better.

6. Attach lanes (the design made of thin wooden rails), grid to side surfaces of design or horizontally pull wire, thereby you will create support for climbers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team