How to construct polygon

How to construct polygon

Polygons for utilization and storage of various domestic wastes have to be located on sufficient distance from settlements. But at the same time to polygon there has to be free access with opportunity to use its purpose. When choosing the place of the organization of polygon it is necessary to consider many various factors and requirements.

1. Influence of the environment, climate around expected construction of polygon, availability nearby of reservoirs and many other factors is very important. The surface in the territory of polygon has to be plain to avoid washout of hazardous substances from the waste which is stored on polygon.

2. For polygons on which it is supposed to keep small amount of waste, recommend to arrange trenches. It becomes in order that wind did not carry waste out of polygon limits. In the territory of polygon it is necessary to arrange also economic zone. On it buildings for personnel, machines and necessary mechanisms will be located. This zone has to be rather lit and equipped according to the relevant standards. Different types of waste on polygon should be sorted and stored separately from each other.

3. It is periodically necessary to bypass the territory of polygon for the purpose of identification of inadmissible waste or availability of the centers of ignition. On similar polygons the reception of corpses of the animals or products which have become useless is not allowed.

4. Burial of toxic agents has to take place only on specialized polygons under control of well trained experts.

5. Storage of domestic wastes in the marshland or filled in during spring floods is strictly forbidden. Implementation of closing of polygon happens at increase in level of waste to the provided height.

6. The layer of waste utilized in the last turn is stamped by the isolating layer of earth. This layer is appointed taking into account the subsequent use of the territory in which there was polygon.

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