How to construct pond at the dacha

How to construct pond at the dacha

Who at least once was in the museum - the classical Russian estate, that has been for certain fascinated by the harmony of its natural and man-made landscape which is thought over by planning of the house, park, avenues. Ponds which gave special picturesqueness to country landscape were indispensable attribute of such possession always. Here and to hozyainam-summer residents very often there is a wish to create at himself on the site special corner of beauty - to build pond. Construction of reservoirs in gardens kitchen gardens became quite solvable task without the aid of specialized firms.

It is required to you

  • - sand;
  • - pebble;
  • - boulders;
  • - gravel;
  • - geotextiles;
  • - film from PVC (polyethylene, fibreglass, butyl - rubber rubber).


1. Decide on the choice of the space for reservoir. If on your site there is bias, dig hole for pond in nizinka. If garden is laid out out of the blue, the quiet corner with half-shade protected from strong northern and western winds is preferable to the artificial lake.

2. Designate contour of future pond. Dig ditch of the necessary depth in the chosen form. It is recommended to dig hole stepwise, terraces. Clean bottom and "coast" from rhizomes and stones, fill up horizontal surfaces with layer of sand 10 cm thick.

3. Buy the necessary waterproofing materials. On sale there are many sound flexible coverings and already ready rigid forms which will help with arrangement of your small paddling pool. If it is going to create pond of the small size (with volume of 150 - 420 l), polyethylene is required.

4. If your preferences - pond with volume from 350 to 1200 l, choose fibreglass. Life cycle at it big - up to 30 years. It is convenient that it gives the chance of the choice on color and is subject to repair.

5. If you are going to build superficial (up to 70 cm) and rather narrow (up to 15 sq.m.) reservoir, take polyvinylchloride film 0.5 mm thick. Ponds of the bigger area and up to 1.5 m in depth require film twice thicker (1 mm). Advantages of this material - possibility of adaptation to any form and any volume of ditch.

6. Let's assume, you have chosen PVC film. At first cover the bottom and sidewalls of ditch with geotextiles layer. Then without tension lay on it film. Fill the turned-out bowl with water. Leave the film 50 cm wide acting over height of water strip, having cut off surplus. "Hide" film in the special trench dug on edge of coastal slope. Use for this purpose sand, stones, boulders, gravel dumping.

7. The final moment of arrangement of twig - its dressing. Traditional ornament - water-lilies and special plant species for reservoirs. The territory can be decorated with flowers around, pergolas, intricate shops for rest - as your imagination will prompt.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team