How to construct pond for cultivation of fishes

How to construct pond for cultivation of fishes

If you have decided to construct the pond for cultivation of fish, then you need to know all subtleties of the device of similar reservoirs, also do not forget that from that, how exactly you put pond, there will be envy what fish will live there.


1. Level bottom at pond, holes and low places should not be, their availability leads to bogging of the soil. If on bed of future pond and also its coast has bushes, trees, stubs or snags, by all means remove all this with root as subsequently they will prevent to catch fish and also will begin to promote overgrowing and silting of reservoir.

2. Whenever possible clear away reservoirs and exits of underground waters that is higher than dam to increase migration of water in your pond.

3. Better do pond spuskny, so it will be simpler to you to catch fish and to carry out processing of bottom of reservoir, ponds with spuskny bottom are less subject to silting and bogging, give bigger gain of fish. Also reservoirs can differ in the place of their device, in different types part different types of fish.

4. Ravine ponds are arranged on hollows, shallow and dry and also in flat ravines. Such reservoirs have the small area, average depth is about 1.5 meters. Water in them well gets warm the sun, bottom at them muddy, they are filled with vegetation. In ravine ponds you breed carps, it for them the best place. Remember that before starting planting stock, the bottom of reservoir needs to be cleaned, and to catch all weed fish.

5. Park and forest ponds are often strongly silty, they demand cutting of trees and bushes that grow along the coast, also clear away bottom from stubs about snags. Before beginning to use pond, drain it for year or two and establish ground floodgate there. Ponds of this kind are suitable for cultivation not only carps, but also other species of fish.

6. Ponds reservoirs have the big area and depth. If you build pond of this kind, then pay attention to clearing of bottom of reservoir. Ponds reservoirs being suitable for cultivation of sazan, pike perch, sterlet, trout, bream, carp, etc.

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