How to construct sandbox most

How to construct sandbox most

The rare city yard does without playground. Here both hills, and swing, and of course, sandbox. Sand attracts children of any age, especially kids which can be played there for hours and hours. However nevertheless there were still yards where for children nothing is provided. If attempts to reach the management of Management company or condominium are ineffectual, do not despair, and take business in hand, literally this word.

It is required to you

  • - the processed boards;
  • - square bar;
  • - saw;
  • - nails;
  • - polyethylene film;
  • - gravel.


1. The sandbox, in fact is the normal square wooden box of 2х2 m in size filled by sand. The box gets off from the processed boards which can in advance be impregnated with anti-septic tank to save tree from rotting.

2. Begin with one corner. Bring down two boards at an angle 90 °, attach to them bar from the inside of corner. Similarly collect three other corners. Check all design for durability.

3. Now start completion: it is necessary to make small benches, children need to sit somewhere. They can be made, having filled parallel boards from above or having filled triangular corners from plywood on sandbox corners. It is possible to use even scraps of boards, only check, how well they are processed that children were not wounded.

4. Start installation of sandbox. For it exempt site from grass and stones. Establish timber frame construction of sandbox, fill gravel on bottom, and on gravel put strong polyethylene film.

5. Pay attention to the prepared sand: it has to be clean, without large stones, moderate rigidity that children were not wounded, but also not too soft that it was what to fill in buckets. Fill up the prepared sand in sandbox. You watch its level - if sand appears too much, all nearby territory will be covered over time with it.

6. The original sandbox for giving can be made for hour from … old automobile tire. The tire, spray paint of bright blue color, wooden stick of small diameter, nail with wide hat, canvas fabric and of course, clean bank sand is required.

7. The country sandbox will be executed in the form of the sea sailing vessel. For this purpose take big tire. It has to be clean and without damages. Apply paint-spray, in addition by means of acrylic paint and sponge it is possible to draw waves on all surface of tire.

8. Drill for tree make opening in tire wall for mast. Insert wooden stick and fix it by nail, having hammered it from bottom side so that it has got just to pin bottom.

9. For kites make triangular sail of fabric. It is possible to attach it to the wooden pin in several ways - stitch the valve, and then just put on sail mast or tie him above and below in strong knots.

10. Fill sand and decorate tire with shells and stones, having just pasted them. In it, by the way and children will be glad to participate. The sandbox sailing vessel is ready. It is easy to close such sandbox for the winter big piece of polyethylene, previously having removed sail.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team