How to construct small hut in the forest

How to construct small hut in the forest

Many people dream to have a rest from city bustle in forest lodge. It is possible build it the hands. It is only necessary to choose the suitable place on which you will build the house. It is recommended to build the building near the lake or the river.


1. After you have chosen the place, be engaged in its preparation. For this purpose clear away it and skim soil. Consider, after rain and thawing of snow water will flow down. Your small hut should not appear in pool.

2. Start production of felling. Plan lines of protes carpenter's fork. Most often diameter of logs is equal to 20 cm, is inexpedient to apply thicker. To accelerate construction, use the motor saw.

3. Do felling integral. Only after it is ready, it is possible to cut windows and doors. By means of the motor saw it is possible to cut even grooves. Further pay attention to moss. Two-three bags will hardly be enough for you. Generally it is necessary for warming of ceiling and felling. It is also necessary to caulk around door and window unit. If the dry swamp is near, then you can prepare moss exactly there.

4. Deepen the first wreath in soil. At first lay on the opposite sides of the two first of log. They have to be located strictly horizontally. The distance between them has to be identical. After that lay two other logs on them. The corner has to be straight line. Then execute T-joint in cup. For marking of cups move apart line legs on half of diameter of the top log. Put line to the top log so that it one leg moved on the top log, and the second outlined arch, leaving to risk on the lower log.

5. After marking of cup be engaged in its cutting. For this purpose it is necessary to remove at first aside the top logs. Then lay the first logs of wreath. With the help with authority check correctness of installation. On the first logs you can cause risks for cup on the second logs. Cups on the second and subsequent logs are similarly cut down. After this log develop in felling and become stronger.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team