How to construct sofa

How to construct sofa

Independent production of furniture - task rather difficult, but in the presence of the necessary tool, certain skills of work with material and great desire - quite feasible. The main advantage of self-made furniture is its uniqueness and opportunity it is ideal to enter it in interior of your apartment or house.

  • - metal corners;
  • - skin;
  • - sheets MDF;
  • - Whatman paper;
  • - furniture loops;
  • - thin plywood;
  • - fabric;
  • - electric fret saw;
  • - pencil;
  • - square.

1. Define form you divanaproizvedit all necessary measurements. Spread out leaf of Whatman paper on floor and draw on it sofa basis contour. Also for definition of contour of the lower part of sofa it is possible to use other method. Choose the place for new sofa. Arrange leaf of Whatman paper in this place and accurately turn in its edges so that the leaf bent around all ledges and lines of the furniture which is already established in the room. At you the form of the basis of new sofa has turned out.

2. Accurately transfer the received pattern to sheets MDF by means of the square and pencil. Cut two identical patterns on office by means of the electric fret saw. These are the lower and top bases of framework of your new sofa. Apply one of parts on installation site. If necessary, bring it to the necessary size.

3. Make of five sheets MDF of leg support for sofa. The top basis of framework will lean on this design. Arrange three legs support letter "P" so that between them the space which can be used as box was formed. Establish the fourth leg at the level of future back of sofa, parallel to adjacent wall. Record the last, fifth leg so that it has formed crossing point between the fourth leg and P-shaped design of box. Attach legs to the sofa basis by means of metal corners and screws. 

4. Make the cut coinciding by the sizes with P-shaped design of legs support in the top basis of framework. Attach the top part to sofa legs, having strengthened design metal corners. It is necessary to consider that the top of framework has to adjoin to wall and the furniture surrounding sofa densely.

5. Make walls you karkasaproizvedit necessary measurements. Take thin plywood and cut out from it the part suitable by the sizes. Wet the received preparation. Fix one end of part at one of the parties of P-shaped design of legs of sofa by means of two screws. Accurately bend part, having given it the necessary form and fix it at the corner of your sofa. Establish the second wall of framework by analogy with the first.

6. Make and establish box cover. Make box door, using furniture loops. Paint plywood any, desirable color. 

7. Using paper template, make pattern of sitting of sofa of tourist skin. It is recommended to use two types of skin - thin and thick. Put the received parts so that the thin skin has appeared from above. 

8. Cut out fabric, using the same template, and sew cover for sitting of sofa. Insert sitting basis into cover. Lay sitting of sofa on framework. Put several pillows. Your sofa is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team