How to construct spiral staircase

How to construct spiral staircase

The ladder not only provides access to upper floors of the building, but also is integral part of the design project of the room. Besides performance of the main functions, the spiral staircase can become decoration of any interior. Light-weight openwork spiral construction occupies place minimum. Unfortunately, ready ladder designs cost rather much. But you should not refuse this idea at once - it is possible to construct spiral staircase independently.

It is required to you

  • - metal pipe with a diameter of 50-60 mm;
  • - wooden bar;
  • - board;
  • - screws;
  • - drill;
  • - screw driver;
  • - anchor bolts.


1. Make necessary calculations. For calculation of necessary quantity of steps separate height of stair well into height of steps. When calculating it is necessary to consider that the spiral staircase has to have not less than 12 steps 18 cm high. Step of spiral staircase have the wedge-shaped form. The minimum length of step has to be 80 cm, width of narrow edge of step - 10 cm. The recommended height of protection of stair well - 90 cm. The last step of ladder has to coincide with floor height of the following floor.

2. Prepare necessary parts lestnitsyvybor of materials for production and decorative finishing of ladder depends only on your preferences and design of the room. Such breeds of tree as oak or beech best of all are suitable for production of steps of ladder. Sleeves, handrail and rail-posts can be made both wooden, and metal. At wide edge of step openings under handrail have to be cut. At narrow edge - opening under rack.

3. In the presence of woodworking and turning lathe all necessary parts can be made independently. If you have no necessary equipment - order them in carpenter's workshop or get in shop of construction materials.

4. Mount ladder rack. For this purpose attach metal pipe to floor by means of anchor bolts. Even more reliable option is to concrete rack in floor on extensions.

5. Put on the sleeve coinciding on inside diameter with the outside diameter of rack ladder rack. Then put on metal washer and step.

6. Miss rail-post through the opening which is cut in wide part of step and connect it to step by means of the flange. Between steps over rail-post it is necessary to dress the sleeve with washer. Collect and fix the same way all ladder design.

7. Attach handrail to rail-posts. Put on the sleeve rack and fix decorative nut.

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