How to construct stream

How to construct stream

The type of flowing water has special attractive force for the person. Not without reason to water as well as to fire, long since attribute magic properties. Observation of cheerfully murmuring stream helps to reduce stress, to calm down and come to harmony with itself and the world around. It can construct stream on the garden site quite practically to any person.

It is required to you

  • - plastic pipes;
  • - plywood;
  • - pump;
  • - hoses;
  • - finishing material;
  • - waterproofing material;
  • - sand;
  • - special polyethylene film;
  • - butyl rubber;
  • - rope.


1. Define location of your stream. If on the site there is small slope - it is the perfect place. But even if there is no slope, you should not be upset. It is quite possible to make stream also on the flat site.

2. Draw the plan of stream.

3. Designate the course of stream on the area by means of rails or ropes. Dig out soil on the desirable depth of stream and add step thresholds. Clean the course from garbage, if necessary root out roots. Densely stamp the earth.

4. Make sandy pillow 5 cm thick in stream bed. Lay butyl rubber on sand.

5. Stretch hose from the pump on the course of stream, under film. Accurately disguise it stones.

6. Cut out polyethylene film and accurately lay it to the course of future stream. Try that on film there were no folds. The stock at the edges of film has to be not less half a meter.

7. Slowly fill stream with water from hose so that the film has taken the course form. Press edges of film cobble-stones.

8. Choose type and power the pump and install the pump in the mouth of stream. It is recommended to use the submerged pump. The pump output is chosen depending on desirable intensity of current of stream.

9. Lay pipes on which the closed hydrocirculation will be carried out. Pipes from polypropylene are the most suitable for these purposes.

10. Decorate the course of stream by means of artificial or natural stone and pebble.

11. Plant trees and shrubs in coast of stream. The juniper, various bushes, mosses and ferns will be suitable for these purposes. Do not forget also about water plants - marsh forget-me-nots, kupalnitsa and the Japanese rice.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team