How to construct summer shower at the dacha

How to construct summer shower at the dacha

During summer heat, after work on the site, it is pleasant to be refreshed under shower. But not each giving can be equipped with modern bathroom, and it is possible to establish summer shower on any site without special work.

Simple summer shower

The garden shower is useful economic construction in which for heating of water the solar energy is used. It is possible to buy, of course, garden shower in shop, but the ready construction can not fit into landscaping of the site and it costs expensive. For the man owning the hammer and hacksaw to build shower the hands will not make big work, it is possible to use any improvised material what will be in economy.

The simplest design of shower consists of framework, capacity for water, watering can, drain hole. For a start choose the suitable place, it has to be the open area warmed by the sun the most part of day. By the Sleduyuy step do marking by the cabin size. It it is desirable (but it is not obligatory) to make of two sections: washing, 1х1 m in size and locker room, 0.6х0.6 m in size. On marking dig trench and mount the easy pile base – spread 4-8 brick columns. At distance of several meters from shower do septic tank, from cabin to it lay sewage pipe.

Mounting of wooden garden shower

On the base establish framework from bar of 10х5 cm and sheathe it board with the chosen quarter for dense adherence. Also flat slate, sheets of siding and other material will be suitable for this purpose, it is possible to separate locker room from washing ordinary blind for the bathroom. On top establish capacity under water with built in in it by watering can and the crane. For fast heating of water the tank is painted in black color.

Floor in summer shower has to be heat-insulated and nonslipping therefore the wooden grid will be appropriate. For this purpose the larch will be ideal – it is a little subject to rotting. Under watering can install pallet and connect it to outflow pipe. It will reduce water ingress by floor and will prolong the term of its service. Touch-up – attaching of door, it has to correspond to material of walls.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team