How to construct swing

How to construct swing

Swing – the convenient location of rest for adults and favourite entertainment for children. If you have garden or country site where they can be put, then surely try to make it with own hands.

It is required to you

  • - bar,
  • - plane,
  • - metal corners,
  • - set of self-tapping screws,
  • - rope or chain,
  • - suspended hooks,
  • - fixers for ropes,
  • - bitumen,
  • - antiseptics,
  • - veneer sheets,
  • - boards,
  • - pillow.


1. Before getting to work, draw the plan scheme of construction. Decide on design of future swing. Draw the approximate sketch.

2. Then decide of what material you will do them. For certain, as the good owner, at you on the site will have necessary bar or boards. They perfectly will be suitable for construction of swing.

3. Having picked up material, make all necessary measurements. You remember - it is necessary to measure parts of future swing consistently and carefully.

4. For structural strength pick up bar 100×100 mm thick. Make the bearing support of nine bars. In advance pare down them plane.

5. Metal corners will be necessary for you for connection of all design of swing. If near at hand they are absent, buy in the nearest shop of building materials. Also buy set of self-tapping screws. They will be necessary for you in the course of work.

6. In advance prepare bars, frames, rope or chain, suspended hooks which will fasten to crossbeam, fixers for ropes.

7. At first collect rectangular lower frame, to it vertical bars have to fasten. For stability of swing make frame of bars 50-60 cm wider than seat. Seat it is necessary to make long 150-180 cm and 50-70 cm in depth.

8. Fasten all bars with corners. If you are going to drive swing in the earth, then surely process frame bitumen or any anti-septic tank. Similar processing will save your future swing from rotting, and they longer to you will serve.

9. Fasten four vertical racks to frame. They will perform function of columns. You make fixture by means of corners and self-tapping screws. As a result at you two identical triangular designs have to turn out.

10. Now you pass to sitting production. Design couple of frames from bars. One of them will be intended for seat, and another for back.

11. To ready framework beat veneer sheets or use boards. By means of corners attach back to seat.

12. Then fix on the top crossbeam of bracket or hooks. Through openings in sitting pass ropes or chains. Do not forget to establish the special fixing clips for ropes.

13. Suspend swing, put on them pillow or hang up cover, and enjoy rest.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team