How to construct terrace most

How to construct terrace most

The terrace is the design decorating porch of owner-occupied dwelling. It can be decorated canopies, lamps, benches and grids. On terrace it is possible to have a rest. Here hold parties, place furniture or even the small pool.


1. In construction terraces the most important thing is the base. It is not obligatory to do it powerful as the terrace is light-weight construction. The basis for it can be made of concrete. At first it is necessary to dig thirty-centimetric ditch and to half fill up it with crushed stone, and then to fill in with concrete over armature.

2. The second way is carried out in the form of the same ditch which is fallen asleep at first with sand (for 20 cm), and then crushed stone then it is properly rammed.

3. The pillow has to be slightly higher than soil that parts of design did not adjoin to the earth. Paule can make of wood and to process special antifungal and moisture protective structure. Though the wooden floor looks beautifully, it is not so durable as it would be desirable. It is possible to get tile. The truth tiled floor has shortcoming too – it is cold.

4. On the base the sheet of roofing material on which then the framework is put is established. By the way, roofing material is necessary to protect the base from moisture penetration through floor. Support are established some boundaries of others at distance in one and a half meters. Then vertical support connect the upper ligament going on terrace perimeter.

5. It is possible to construct walls, and it is possible to be limited to roof and support. Walls can be made of normal boards. If the terrace is going to be used and in the fall, then it is better to make walls of two layers of boards, and between them to lay heater layer. Then the turned-out furring is sewn up with floorboard. If it is necessary to warm floor, logs need to be hemmed boards from below, further to lay thick layer vapor barrier. Now it is necessary to put layer of expanded polystyrene or mineral wool and finally to sew up floor.

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