How to construct the blast furnace

How to construct the blast furnace

Before you start construction of the blast furnace independently, sort out its device and the principles of its action. The classical blast furnace in section which is in detail presented on the image is intended for smelting of cast iron and ferroalloy from iron ore.

1. Pay attention to the parts of the furnace and its work areas specified by digits in the drawing. Digit 6 has shown zone of loading of raw materials and the gas locking device located here. Digit 5 – the furnace shaft top serving for distribution of iron ore in the mine of the furnace shown by digit 4. Raw ore heats up in the mine, iron is restored from its oxides. The zone of furnace waist No. 3 serves for softening and melting of iron.

2. Further the melted iron passes through the narrowed shank shoulders No. 2 in the horn serving for accumulation of cast iron and slag. In upper part of horn arrange pipes No. 1 for supply of the compressed air of high temperature enriched with oxygen and fuel. Fuel mix has to warm horn to 2000 degrees.

3. Execute horn so that it was cylindrical inside and conic outside. Equip it with devices for inflation of heated air and for production of cast iron and slag. The horn is the main part of the furnace therefore treat its production very responsibly. It has to possess high rates of durability, fire resistance and tightness.

4. Also to horn attach pig-iron notch for release from it the collected slag and cast iron. Equip notch with dividing grid. Or directly in horn arrange slag grid for division of slag and cast iron in the blast furnace. The pig-iron notch is rectangular channel with high fire-resistant properties and the device of closing/opening of horn. The device of closing and opening has to be cooled.

5. As the base use massive plate. It is desirable from concrete. The total weight of the furnace is quite high therefore the base has to distribute load of soil evenly. Build in columns which will support casing of your furnace plate. In the center of plate base make monolithic cylinder of fire-resistant concrete on which the furnace horn will lean.

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