How to construct the boat

How to construct the boat

The boat, small, easy, portable, strong and insubmersible is sometimes simply necessary. Such boat can be made independently and for only several days. Fiber glass fabric will be parent material for the boat, it about 24 meters are required. As a result at you the boat which can easily be transported on the car will turn out or to place in the boat. In quiet weather such boat will be able to stand three adults with a total weight of 250 kg. or two adult and two children. If you have decided to make such boat, then the instruction for you – below.


1. At first make of rails and plywood the blockhead. On the top edge the blockhead it is necessary to surround with bars on which there will be fillets – it will be necessary for formation of flanging cap rail. In nasal and fodder part attach three forms for gluing in of handles – these handles will be necessary in order that the boat could be transferred.

2. Then on the bottom attach two stringers and keel. It will increase longitudinal rigidity and stability of the boat on course.

3. Properly prostrogayt the blockhead, and then cover it with semi-fluid soap. After soap dries up, take cloth rag and polish the body, and after that put one more layer of soap.

4. Now take fiber glass fabric. You need eight pieces of fabric on three meters everyone. To give to product green color, add to polyester resin which will be binding substance, dioxide is lame from calculation: 2 tablespoons of dioxide of chrome and 20 g of hardener on 1 l. pitches.

5. Create the boat body as follows: wet fiber glass fabric in binding substance, then stack them, blocking keel. At first stack on one board, then on another. Lay so three layers, and fill all cavities with polyfoam. From above lay one more layer of fabric. Leave to dry for four days.

6. In four days remove the boat from the blockhead and repeat all procedure, as in the previous step, using the received body as matrix. From polyfoam prepare vertical and horizontal walls in advance – for nasal and fodder cans.

7. In four days take out the body from matrix, in flanging form four wooden bars, their length has to be no more than 200 cm. Place polyfoam in handles. After pitch is polymerized, process all keen edges.

8. On the one third lengths from tranets and nose arrange two pairs of suboarlocks. Your boat is ready. It will be ideal for fishing and small walks together. Choose for the boat of oar 1710 cm long, this length will be most optimum. The boat turns out very steady, even being completely filled water, it will remain afloat. Successful to you uses!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team