How to construct the bridge

How to construct the bridge

Much want to have the nice decorative bridge on the garden site. It not only decorates landscape, but also can serve for transition through picturesque streams and grooves. But how to construct the bridge? It is simple to make it, it is necessary to have the minimum skills and patience.


1. First of all it is necessary to create basic platforms and to strengthen slopes. It can be done by means of crushed stone or stones. Put them and properly stamp. When platforms are ready, and slopes are strengthened, lay on them the foundation – two strong bars. The distance between them has to equal to bridge width. Under bars put waterproofing material, then fix them by means of the pegs hammered into the earth. Then place on support two flying bars – longwise future bridge. Surely fix them by metal brackets.

2. After that it is possible to start flooring of the bridge from boards. Put boards on framework, fix flooring of the bridge by clamping bars on each side. It is important that boards densely adjoined to each other and were not unsteady. If you want to create the humpbacked bridge, buy special flying bars - arc-shaped.

3. Then build bridge handrail. For this purpose on its sides put vertical bars on height of 1 m, and then connect them among themselves two levels cross crosswise. Then on these bars attach handrail from boards or the pro-thinned-out bars. The bridge is ready, it needed to be impregnated with protecting cover, to paint and use for designated purpose.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team