How to construct the fitted cupboard

How to construct the fitted cupboard

Installation of the fitted cupboard is one of the most practical and simple solutions of the problem of storage of things. The design of cabinet allows to use optimum all space from ceiling to floor. The fitted cupboards are projected taking into account features of your apartment and can be located practically in any its place - in corridor, the bedroom, the living room or on loggia. In the presence of tools and the minimum experience of carpenter's work it is possible to collect such cabinet by the hands.


1. Design cabinet and make its detailed drawing with specification.

2. Choose it is possible to materialypostroit the fitted cupboard from chipboard, plywood or furniture boards. However for simplicity of mounting it is recommended to use furniture boards. Pick up guides and profiles for door fringing, accessories and wheels.

3. Prepare the place for installation of cabinet. Check flatness of floor and walls by means of construction level. Remove plinth.

4. Make all necessary parts. Collect the cabinet body.

5. Establish rollers. For this purpose it is necessary to unscrew adjusting screws, and then to fix big rollers in the bottom of cabinet door, and small - above.

6. Fasten profiles for fringing to cabinet doors by means of screws. For this purpose it is necessary to drill openings with a diameter of 2.5 mm. Openings are drilled with step of 30 cm.

7. Make openings for guides.

8. Paste over cabinet self-adhesive plenkoytshchatelno degrease, and then wipe dry all surfaces of cabinet on which it is going to paste film. Mark parts of pattern and accurately cut them by means of scissors, leaving allowance in 10 cm longwise of cloth. Separate lining paper from film at the length of 15 cm. Fix this edge of film on cabinet surface. Slowly delay lining paper, at the same time smoothing with rag or the roller the pasted surface. It is necessary to smooth film in the direction from the middle to edges. Make sure that on it there are no "bubbles". Accurately cut off surplus of film sharp scissors.

9. Attach sliding you dvertsyprikrepit to ceiling guides with double grooves. Guides fasten by means of screws and dowels. Establish door in grooves of the top guides, slightly press rollers and bring them to grooves of the lower guides. Level doors and fix the lower guide.

10. Make to polkiprikrepita-shaped profiles for shelves to wall by means of assembly plate. Fasten adjustable leg to the lower part of plate. Fix brackets at height, convenient for you. Establish the lower holders for shelves.

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