How to construct the furnace on the street

How to construct the furnace on the street

It is difficult to measure pleasure derived from sit-round gathering at fire in the fresh air. As it is exciting to carry on slow talk, to listen to crash of the inflaming logs, to observe the soaring-up sparks and to feel how air is filled with aroma of the meat made on naked flame. That your evenings were even more comfortable, construct the special furnace barbecue. It will not demand from you special skills.

It is required to you

  • Tools:
  • - shovel (sovok and bayonet);
  • - tape measure;
  • - level;
  • - equal smooth board;
  • - construction square;
  • - trowel;
  • - tamper.
  • Materials:
  • - cement – 125 kg;
  • - sand – 500 kg;
  • - crushed stone – 200 kg
  • - corpulent brick – 270 pieces;
  • - road brick – 58 pieces;
  • - lime or softener – 28 kg;
  • - sand for laying of road surfacing – 50 kg;
  • - metal grid for grill 920 x 450 mm;
  • - filler – 0.3 CBM;
  • - fibrotsement - 0.25 sq.m.


1. Mark construction site of 2 x 0.8 m in size. Check by means of the square that all corners were straight lines. Remove the turf and dig out ditch for the base of 75 - 100 mm in depth. Put bricks on ditch corners and check surface level.

2. Knead concrete from 50 kg of cement, 200 kg of sand and 200 kg of crushed stone. Mix has to be rather flexible. Leave several bricks in ditch and fill in it with concrete. Level of concrete has to be equal to height of bricks. Level concrete and stamp by means of smooth equal board.

3. When concrete stiffens, on dry lay the first row of bricks. Mark on concrete of outline of future brazier and check all corners – they have to be absolutely direct.

4. Knead from the remained cement and 300 kg of sand water mortar. Add to it lime or softener. Begin to stack the first row of bricks. Do not forget to apply solution on faces. Constantly check laying level.

5. External walls of the furnace also have to be equal and smooth. Beginning to spread corner, check its vertical by means of level. Straighten the acting bricks, tapping on them with the trowel handle.

6. Having put corner on height of five rows, pass to back wall. Length of sidewalls equals to three bricks. The sidewall from brazier gives all the best in two bricks. It will allow to make ledge which will support grill grid. Height of back wall and all furnace – 9 rows. When the back wall is ready, lay brick-on-edge course along front wall of construction.

7. Lay two bricks between back and front wall. This internal partition will separate brazier from niche under finishing table. Width of niche is equal also to two bricks. Height of front wall in the field of niche is equal to two rows, under brazier – to seven rows.

8. Lay out eight rows of sidewalls and partition.

9. Having passed to ninth row, slightly displace bricks of internal number of double sidewall and partition towards brazier. As a result the solution layer between two rows will be a little thicker, than usually, but it will not be noticeable. You watch that the level of bricks was identical from all directions.

10. Cut out from the fibrotsement piece so that it covered almost all surface of finishing table. Bricks have to act from under it from all directions approximately on 30 mm. Over plate lay bricks for road surfacings.

11. After the cement slurry stiffens, fill the niche formed under brazier, filler. For this purpose it is possible to use beaten brick, crushed stone, the earth or sand. Carefully stamp charge. Water charge and stamp once again.

12. From above fill up niche with sand layer of 25 mm. Level and check surface level.

13. Lay on sand road bricks closely to each other. Level them road mall. Fill seams between bricks small amount of water mortar. Remove residues of solution from surface of seams by means of metal scraper.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team