How to construct the garden furnace

How to construct the garden furnace

Remarkable decoration of the garden site and at the same time irreplaceable thing for preparation of dishes on naked flame, is the fixed garden furnace. Unlike small metal braziers, such furnace is not subject to corrosion, does not demand protection against moisture and perfectly fits into recreation area interior on the site. Simplest in production the round (cylindrical) garden furnace grill.

  • - brick or reinforced concrete ring;
  • - masonry mix (or shamotny sand for solution);
  • - concrete slab under the base.

1. Decide on the sizes and height of grill. The optimum sizes can be considered diameter of 70-100 cm and height about 50 cm Remember that with increase in the sizes, the weight of the furnace and respectively foundation load will increase. It will cause construction of more serious base.

2. Pick up the place on the site where you are going to construct the furnace. Approach this question responsibly. Consider the prevailing direction of winds in your area, illumination during the day, convenience of approach and distance from the house.

3. Arrange the base. Remove the turf, by means of sand level site under the base. It is better if diameter of site is a little more than diameter of the furnace. Thickness of base slab has to be not less than 15 cm. If you use ready concrete slab, then just lay it on the prepared soil. If you are going to fill in concrete independently, do not forget to lay mesh reinforcement from metal rods. It will protect the base from cracking.

4. As soon as the base is ready, start construction of the furnace. Lay out the furnace grill up to the brick necessary height or establish concrete ring. When laying brick without podteska, fill seams with solution with impurity of shamotny sand or finely-crushed red brick. Ideally seams have to be equal and identical. As soon as height of the furnace reaches the level of 40 cm, lay out site of the furnace stone (refractory brick or put specially adjusted thick steel plate). Consider that the stone can crack with the difference of temperatures. Bring furnace height to the necessary level. It is possible to provide in laying of the top brick-on-edge course of cut for installation of skewers.

5. Establish grid for barbecue (it needs to be done removable). Equip site for rest around the furnace. It can be the low benches located semicircle or stone (brick wall) with regiments. On such shelves it is convenient to put all necessary things for preparation of dishes on fire.

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