How to construct the gas pipeline

How to construct the gas pipeline

Gas – is one of the most used and enough inexpensive resources which help to provide the population with heat, hot water, etc. Of course, independently it is almost impossible to construct the gas pipeline, but it is possible to carry out the pipeline for providing the separate building, certainly, though on it and special permission and the help of the licensed experts will be required.

It is required to you

  • - tape measure with big metric area;
  • - welding machine;
  • - mounting kit;
  • - shovel, broom, garbage bags;
  • - working mittens;
  • - rozdukh.


1. Define the minimum distance from premises (building) to passing by branch of the existing gas pipeline. That is at first you need to finish the pipeline to the house, only then carrying out input of gas to the building and its eyeliner to the boiler and other devices.

2. If you are going to conduct the gas pipeline underground, think over where it is necessary to dig trench. But do not forget about security measures – underground there can be also other communications.

3. To prepare trench: dig out hole, level bottom then clean it from garbage and foreign objects. Think over special holders for pipes as it is not necessary to put them directly on the earth – differences of level of underground water, precipitation, etc. can lead to soil shift, so and pipeline damage. For this reason carrying out gas by air is considered optimum, substance is explosive.

4. If you stack pipes under the earth, then dig hitches in places of joints of pipes.

5. Arrange artificial or natural basis under the laid gas pipeline. Execute the bottoms of cameras and wells.

6. Lower pipes in the prepared trench, to put on the basis. It is necessary to stack the gas pipeline on that sections from separately welded pipes or lashes. It is necessary to move the gas pipeline by means of soft inventory "towels". Make pipe welding, installation of armature, mount shaped parts.

7. Build walls, overlappings of cameras and wells. Rozdukh blow the gas pipeline. It needs to be made also in case of carrying out the air pipeline.

8. First of all test the gas pipeline for durability, check quality of flanged couplings and welds. Isolate joints. If you laid the pipeline underground, then only then fill up trench.

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