How to construct the most medical pyramid

How to construct the most medical pyramid

In the world of progress and new technologies to the person it is rather comfortable, but such comfort has also negative line. The human health is influenced by harmful power information fields. These radiations are capable to reduce immunity that in turn can lead to various diseases. The medical pyramid which can be constructed independently will help to protect itself and the relatives from harmful effects.

It is required to you

  • Any dielectric material as tree, cardboard, glass, plywood, plastic.
  • Drawing instrument, hacksaw.


1. It is necessary to make pyramid, observing proportion of pyramid of Cheops. First of all, it is necessary to make certain calculations.

2. We set the necessary height of pyramid, let us assume, size L, taking into account that the pyramid is higher, the stronger it activity.

3. We calculate length of the party of the basis, length of side edge and height of pedestal on the following formulas with use of certain coefficients: - the party of the basis will make L? 1.57057 length of side edge will be L? 1.4945 height of pedestal are L? 0.3333

4. It is very important to construct pyramid, observing proportions. Make thorough calculations and only after that start assembly of pyramid.

5. At the next stage we prepare necessary material. Only dielectric materials, such as tree, cardboard, glass, plywood, plastic are suitable for construction of pyramid.

6. We draw the parties of pyramid in necessary real size, we cut out and we collect on glue or on splines.

7. To begin to build pyramid it is necessary in good mood and with positive thoughts.

8. At construction of pyramid it is impossible to use nails, buttons or other metal objects because metal distorts the special field of pyramid.

9. Such pyramid can be established houses as it has beneficial influence on all organism.

10. One edge of pyramid has to be strictly oriented to the North.

11. For neutralization of harmful radiation from the computer place small pyramid near the system unit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team