How to construct the oven at the dacha

How to construct the oven at the dacha

It is quite simple to construct the oven at the dacha. For this purpose you will need only the suitable tool and material. It is necessary to approach this case especially responsibly. Otherwise in the future there can be serious problems.


1. For laying of the furnace use only ceramic corpulent brick. The heat-resistant brick from chamotte or silica brick well will be suitable for facing of fire chamber. Its heat conductivity is much lower, in comparison with normal red brick. The furnace which basis is executed from shamotny brick will much longer get warm. Besides, this material is twice more expensive.

2. The laying needs to be carried out on clay mortar. Consider that the seam has to be thin. Optimum thickness of qualitative oven seam is 3 mm. Solution has to have consistence of average sour cream, that is not dense and not liquid. Laying of each 100 bricks will require about 25 liters of solution. Correctly prepared solution - guarantee of durability of the furnace. Treat its preparation extremely seriously, otherwise the laying in the future can begin to crack. It will lead to deterioration in draft, violation of fire safety and also room smoke.

3. It is recommended to wet before laying bricks in water for six hours. During the work use rubber hammer for pristukivaniye of bricks. Do not shift ready ranks at all. Best of all to smear clay on brick with hand.

4. The pick well is suitable for pin together and podteska. If there is opportunity, then it is the best of all to use the angular grinder. As gate-type guard you can use pig-iron plate. It can quite just be found in shops. For top plate get special plate which has opening. This opening has to be closed by removable pig-iron round inserts. Ware on such tile will be heated much quicker. The fact is that it is exposed to direct influence of flame. Consider, it will be soiled too quickly. You needed to establish only furnace door which is intended for supply of firewood in fire chamber and isolation of flame from the room.

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