How to construct the Russian log hut

How to construct the Russian log hut

In Russia was considered as commonplace "to cut down" log hut. To cut down as this building became on the equipment of wooden fellings. And there is no wonder, tree - readily available, eco-friendly material. Thus, it is possible to construct bath, pryaslo, etc. But the Russian log hut is considered the most widespread construction. The Russian log hut can serve to you the great dacha which will serve many years.


1. It is very easy to build such building. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare the logs which are previously cleaned from knots and branches. It is possible to connect logs various connections: "in claw", "in oblo", etc. Such tradition in which it is mentioned that the tree should be cut down at winter night in full moon is considered very important. If to cut down earlier, then the log will dampen and to decay quickly and if later - to burst. Construction of such house demands approach and respect for ancient traditions. The cut-down log has to be 25 - 35 cm in the diameter.

2. The choice of the place for construction of log hut is considered very important. It is considered that the most favorable place for log hut the eminence, but at all not ravine. The log hut needs to be put so that blew in it fresh air, but not in very windy place. Still it is necessary to choose more solar place as without sunlight wood will be subject to rotting. Construction has to be in the spring, only after snow has completely thawed. In the ancient time the owner who has decided to construct log hut, invited to construction of all friends. Also it was possible to ask the help for country community. Did not pay money from the personal budget for work, and fed workers during construction of log hut. Still the owner had to help with construction by that who helped to build log hut to it. Houses were squared. Most often they were built of fir-tree, pine or oak logs.

3. It is necessary to put logs very accurately so that there were no various slots. Otherwise through them there can pass cold air or snow. At all this log huts became log huts without uniform tack. On bottom side it is necessary to make deepening, so that the log kept within on lower more densely. In order that it is even stronger to warm walls, between logs drove in moss. The moss was used also in warming of windows and doors. Use of moss in construction was called "building of log hut in moss".

4. sewerage, water supply system, electricity. And as heater you should not use moss. It is better to use modern heaters which much more reliable and are more practical than moss.

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