How to construct the wind-driven generator

How to construct the wind-driven generator

With increase in prices for energy carriers recently our many fellow citizens began to think of alternative energy sources. Solar batteries, minihydroelectric stations, wind power plants concern them, it is simpler – wind-driven generators.

It is required to you

  • - spare parts (generator 12V, rotor 1.5m, accumulator 12V, aluminum barrel or corrosion-proof bucket, distribution box for outdoor installation, mast of 10 m, wires, M6 bolts, collars, hank of corrosion-proof wire),
  • - tools (drill with drills, the screw-driver, nippers, wrenches).


1. However it is worth noticing that the way of production of the electric power by means of the wind-driven generator is rather expensive (in mounting and materials) and does not give significant amount of electricity. Their almost full-time employment as electricity wind turbines can give already with wind speed 2 ms round the clock belongs to advantages of wind-driven generators.

2. The device of the wind-driven generator assumes availability of the windwheel with blades, reducer which transfers and will transform torsion torque, mast with the wind generator, the storage battery and the inverter for transformation of direct current to variable. You should buy some of these parts in shop. Keep in mind that the powerful generator demands bigger on the weight and diameter of the windwheel, i.e. considerably complicates design.

3. Fill in the concrete foundation calculated on height of your mast. Deep into it has to leave on 1.5 - 2 m, above the ground there has to be site 1 m high.

4. Remake generator pulley under frictional wheel with rim or groove for the mobile drive belt which connects to the rotor.

5. Separate the bottom of barrel (bucket) into four equal parts. Note section points marker, draw lines perpendicularly down sides of barrel (bucket), scissor on metal. Attach blades for the center of the bottom bolts to generator pulley. Unbend ready blades.

6. Attach the generator to mast, connect wires to the generator. Collect chain in distribution box, install the accumulator, the inverter in chain. Rotational speed of the wind generator is regulated by bend of blades.

7. Establish mast on the base by means of anchor bolts and extensions. The small wind generator which performance will be enough for power supply of country house has turned out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team