How to construct timbering for the base

How to construct timbering for the base

Construction of the house begins with construction of the base. The timbering – design which helps to keep form of future base, to flood it with the maximum speed and high rates of quality.

It is required to you

  • - tes;
  • - nails;
  • - screws;
  • - metal pipes;
  • - expanded polystyrene;
  • - metal rods;
  • - sand-gravel mix;
  • - armature;
  • - polyethylene film.


1. The qualitative timbering has to sustain pressure of the concrete which is filled in in it, without having changed the geometrical form. In addition it is worth taking care of hermetic isolation of timbering not to allow solution leak.

2. As timbering it is possible to use timber, steel or penopolistirolovy frame construction. For the column base quite often establish timbering from metal pipes of certain diameter.

3. At installation of metal timbering there is opportunity to quickly resolve issue of configuration of future base. Metal can be curved at any angle and to give to construction the necessary geometrical form.

4. Reinforced concrete timberings establish at industrial construction as prime cost them is rather high. The timbering from expanded polystyrene can be bought in shop of construction goods or to lease. Advantages of installation of such design consist in simplicity of mounting, dismantling and the affordable price.

5. Before installation of timbering from any materials carry out necessary marking of vertical and horizontal surface, establish metal rods on which will dig ditch. Carefully strengthen ditch bottom by means of sand-gravel mix. Then start direct installation of timbering.

6. Construction of all elements of timbering is carried out just before mounting of prefabricated reinforcement cage if the timbering is removable or after mounting if you are going not to sort timbering and to leave it as base basis.

7. If the base is rather powerful, from outer side of timbering it is necessary to make struts. Without them the construction can not sustain the mass of concrete solution that will lead to destruction of already established timbering.

8. Inside sheathe wood form polyethylene film. It will help to prevent solution leak, and the base will turn out more equal.

9. It is possible to flood the base right after installation of timbering. If all of you have carefully strengthened, the timbering will be able to sustain impact of all mass of concrete solution. Correctly established timbering allows to flood the base entirely, using the brought concrete. You can not be afraid that at midpoint your timbering will collapse.

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