How to construct townhouse

How to construct townhouse

In any city there are sites with houses (old) and with all necessary communications. To get by sharing the cost the similar site and to construct there several townhouses quite quite good solution of housing problem. Such housing will cost much cheaper.

It is required to you

  • - parcel;
  • - certificate on the property right;
  • - project;
  • - construction materials;
  • - money.


1. Organize DNP or DNT (country non-profit partnership and association), not less than three owners for this purpose are required.

2. Find the suitable parcel. Check whether individual or country construction is authorized on this site. After registration of purchase take the certificate certifying the property right. The site without communications will cheaper cost.

3. Hold topographical survey of the acquired site. Study structure of soil and height of water which is in it. The cost of such work will depend on where there is this site, and from whether there are to it entrances.

4. Make the project of the house which you are going to construct. And also the project of building of all prelying territory. Look for for this purpose the licensed firm. In the made project by all means there have to be architectural and constructive sections and all engineering networks are considered. Agree on it in management of architecture. In local government get construction permit.

5. Bring electricity to the site, it is required for work of electrical equipment when carrying out construction jobs. It is possible to connect power supply according to the temporary scheme (for example, from neighbors).

6. Carry out all necessary communications (septic tank, water, gas). For this purpose address with the application to relevant authorities about allocation of capacities. The regional gas, services serving power supply networks and so forth the Oblgaz will send request in the organization which will carry out well-drilling.

7. Begin construction with the base. Its type and necessary materials have to be defined by the calculations made after the topographical research.

8. Choose materials for construction of the house. Walls can be collected from foam concrete blocks, brick or logs. The best decision is the monolith, but it is more expensive than other options.

9. Find suitable material for roof. Slate and metal tile will be cheaper. More eco-friendly option – natural tile.

10. Receive the decision of BTI upon termination of construction. Issue the act on input of the house in operation. It becomes in local governments.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team