How to construct valmovy roof

How to construct valmovy roof

The feature of valmovy roof is that it is supplied with additional slopes which are formed by means of the valmovy rafters which are joined to the fad of duo-pitch roof. At construction of valmovy roof it is important to choose just proportion of parameters.

It is required to you

  • - rafters;
  • - ridge board;
  • - tape measure;
  • - saw;
  • - nails;
  • - hammer.


1. When on perimeter of external walls you lay inferior purlin, execute marking of the central direct site of roof. Exactly here the first valmovy rafters which require bar with the rectangular cross section depending on the amount of flight, load of rafter system from roofing covering and intermediate runs will be established.

2. The load-carrying structure of valmovy roof begins to be done after establish the duo-pitch central site of roof. Create it ridge board and the laid rafters. Recede from house face the set distance and dock the central valmovy rafter to ridge board. Other end attach it on end wall to bar of the top binding.

3. The distance between rafters depends on type of furring, height of roof and availability in roof of windows, or on the sizes of plates of the heater which is keeping within between them. However the step of rafters should not be less than 60 cm. On fastening assemblies of rafters to inferior purlin surely make connection horizontal cuttings. It will allow to provide reliability of connection and to transmit load of walls through inferior purlin.

4. Define the middle of end wall to execute marking of the central valmovy rafter. Then establish preparation of rafter with zapily for landing to the top binding. Lean rafter against ridge board (not sawn off longwise yet) and outline vertical has washed down. Then saw off ridge board and dock the central valmovy rafter to its face. From the center of side inferior purlins to ridge board establish the central rafters of side hipped ends.

5. For forming of contours of valmovy roof establish two more angular valmovy rafters. The run of angular rafter has to be longer, than run of normal rafter which forms the duo-pitch site of roof. Connecting framework elements, do not allow joints with an overlap. Normal load transfer is carried out only at connection of parts in emphasis when one rests against another the cross-section. At connection with an overlap the main load is placed on nails which deformation will cause destruction of rafter system.

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