How to construct verandah

How to construct verandah

If you have the country house in which you have regularly a rest, for certain you have spent a lot of time for its arrangement. When in the summer on the street there is heat, and in the house closeness, the cozy verandah saves from the sun. If there is no verandah, it is better to establish it – then it will be more free space. It is so pleasant to sit during heat in verandah shadow, listening to radio, communicating with friends and even just rolling in convenient rocking-chair. And it is possible even to make lodge for guests of the warmed brick verandah. Let's describe process.


1. Dig out trench of 70 cm in depth under the base. Put in plate trench, fill in them with cement. After that begin to spread brick, slag stone or adobe at discretion. At bricking begin only with corners. Then lay out walls and leave apertures for windows. After the brick is laid out, begin to extend walls by means of cement solution from their internal party.

2. Having dealt with walls, be accepted to roof. Fix on walls from above strong wooden bars, from above on them put slate and reliably fix it. We advise to do roof under small bias that water on it did not accumulate. If decide to do roof without bias, then it can begin to proceed over time. Warm roof from the inside and warm. Over warming beat wooden reechka, well here too everything depends on what ceiling you want to make. If verandah cold, you do not paste ceiling tile because it can fall off in the winter.

3. Further in line floor. Drive round wooden columns in the earth, put from above logs, and then beat boards. It is possible to warm floor in verandah, having laid linoleum on warm basis.

4. Insert windows. It is better to establish plastic – with them less trouble. And warmly perfectly keep.

5. Again you pass to walls. The walls extended by cement it is possible to whitewash or pokleit on them wall-paper. As a result at you the spacious, warm and light verandah has to turn out. The verandah which is laid out by adobe will be warmer brick. But this material now is practically not used.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team