How to construct warm garage

How to construct warm garage

You are interested in construction of garage the hands? You can construct warm garage, using cheap materials and in accuracy adhering to the recommendations of experts, following the step-by-step instruction.


1. Do you want to construct warm garage independently, without resorting to the help of repair construction companies? For this purpose you will need channel or metal corner, bar, glass bottles and other construction waste. Begin construction of garage, accurately following recommendations.

2. First, flood the base, previously having dug hole for the basement. To reduce expense, replace expensive crushed stone with construction waste or fragments of red brick. Having filled up such waste in in advance created timbering, fill in them with concrete solution. Secondly, build framework for garage from channel or bar, the metal corner also will be suitable for these purposes.

3. Further make timbering already for garage walls, using normal slate, just attach it to earlier created framework. Remember that filling of walls is carried out step by step that the solution fastening construction waste has managed to stiffen and take well required form. When filling walls the glass bottles will be irreplaceable, but them it will be required very much. If you want to receive, eventually, warm garage, then empty bottles are used for creation of air layer in the put-up walls.

4. Accurately spread glass bottles directly on the base, in timbering, leaving between them small distance. For their fastening use not concrete, but normal solution from clay better – walls in this case in itself will turn out rather warm. Remember that clay gets divorced only warm water, and the consistence of solution on density has to remind sour cream. When clay hardens, spread the following number of bottles and repeat process until walls of your future garage reach the necessary height.

5. Remember that the slate used as timbering for walls cannot be removed before the end of construction jobs at all. Just on exchange of increase in wall height use new slate, I lift timbering. Only when works on wall construction come to end, remove timbering and you pass to overlapping creation. The roof can be made cattle of sheet iron or slate.

6. Then just plaster outside and inside already ready warm garage, using the metal gauze of the average size. In this case plaster will perfectly keep, without being torn away from the walls built from clay. Building garage for car own hands, you save, at the same time the building turns out very warm and reliable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team