How to construct winter garden

How to construct winter garden

In recent years construction of winter gardens become more and more popular. The winter garden can become worthy decoration practically of any house. However, that the garden brought you joy and benefit, it is necessary to construct and equip it correctly. The design of garden is rather difficult and if you are not sure of the forces, it is recommended to ask for the help professional engineers and designers.


1. Make the project of winter garden. It is necessary to consider that the total area of the room has to be at least 15-20 sq.m, and height - 2.7 m.

2. Define location. Gardens can be executed in the form of extensions to the house, be located on roof or separately be built as greenhouses.

3. Define functions of garden and time of its operation. The winter garden can be seasonal - cold - or year-round, with constantly maintained temperature. Think over planning of the room. Allocate the main functional zones - pass, recreation area, the locations of plants.

4. Execute all necessary calculations. Consider snow and wind loads, weight and structural strength and other necessary factors.

5. Choose materials for construction and interior finish. The design of winter garden usually consists of framework and double-glazed windows. For framework it is possible to use tree, PVC, steel, aluminum or combination of these materials. Aluminum shapes are the most popular. They are rigid, easy, durable and do not demand special leaving. This material is considered almost irreplaceable at construction of curvilinear frameworks.

6. Especially serious requirements are imposed to durability and thickness of glass used at construction of winter garden. Glasses provide thermal insulation and protect plants. As a rule, for glazing of the winter garden used during the whole year use double-glazed windows with glasses triplex.

7. The floor covering of winter garden is recommended to be carried out from ceramic tile - it is convenient in operation and under it, if necessary, it is possible to lay the system of heating - heat-insulated floor.

8. Carefully think over lighting systems, heating and ventilation. It is necessary to know that irrespective of type of your winter garden, at its construction the natural ventilation has to be provided - the special opening transoms placed so that to provide continuous air circulation without creating at the same time drafts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team