How to construct wooden gazebo the hands

How to construct wooden gazebo the hands

The gazebo on the country site or near inhabited cottage, certainly, is the functional building creating comfort and convenience to owners. In warm days on it it is possible to carry out invited dinners with shish kebabs, and in the evenings to have tea in the bosom of the family. The gazebos constructed by the hands become special pride of owners.


Before laying of the foundation it is necessary to decide on material of half of future building. For these purposes the wooden flooring or earth floor is most often used. The first option is the most functional because in any weather on gazebo with wooden floor it will be comfortable while the earth flooring during rain will lead to formation of dirt.

For installation of the base on perimeter of future building pegs are established. They serve as reference point for removal of soil layer. The basis under the base escapes not less, than on half-meter and is filled layer-by-layer with sand and crushed stone 1 decimeter thick. To the level of the adjacent soil the base is flooded with the cement slurry made on proportion – 3 parts of sand, 3 crushed stone and 1 cement.

The next stage – 2 waterproofing courses from roofing material. To prevent rotting of the building, between layers the brick layer keeps within.

Construction of framework

Construction of framework of gazebo begins with basis construction from bar and boards which fasten among themselves by means of nails. On basis support are established. For them it is better to use wooden bar of 40х40 cm. After that it is possible to start decorative covering of framework. In this quality it is not obligatory to use polished tree – it is admissible to decorate gazebo by means of cane, branches or plastic panels. For cold territories the gazebo can be glazed or curtained off by means of textiles.

Installation of roof

When choosing roofing materials for gazebo it is necessary to be guided not only by physical characteristics. It is important that the chosen roofing decision was in harmony with architectural concept of the house. Most often as roofing material for gazebo slate or tile is used.

Final stage of construction of gazebo is thorough impregnation of all wooden elements the means interfering rotting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team