How to contract napkins on table

How to contract napkins on table

To give to the laid table really festive look, it is sometimes rather beautiful to contract napkins. These are important elements of festive decor. Simple napkins are capable to give to laying solemnity or grandiosity, graceful simplicity and elegance – to place the accents necessary for your festive feast.

It is required to you

  • - Napkins;
  • - Rings for napkins;
  • - Foil.


1. Use the special decorative ringlets allowing to record folded napkin. Buy finished products from textiles or other materials or make them the hands. For example, connect ringlets for napkins by hook and tie in uniform style the ends of festive cloth. It is also possible to stick together rings from cardboard and foil or to sheathe paper products fabric. Decorate them with bows, rhinestones or other elements of decor on the taste.

2. Spread napkin and accurately contract it into tubule, moving from one corner to another. Then put on folded napkin decorative ringlet. The fan put from paper or linen napkin fixed on the end by ring or bow will become elegant option for ladies.

3. You can put fan - "shell" on table. For this purpose bend tissue rectangle the free ends to yourself. Do fan folds, moving to the left, then put figure lengthways on the center "accordion" top. The right hand hold folds, and left bend free part of napkin on diagonal down. At you the leg of "shell" has to turn out - turn in it on other party for stability.

4. One of the fastest ways it is beautiful to put the napkins put four times - to issue them in the form of "pockets". In this case it is the best of all to use products with decorative finishing at least at one edge. Bend the top open edge of napkin inside, having created "pocket". It is possible to put also other corners - one layer has to act over another. Such way to contract napkins looks especially effectively if to enclose something in them (for example, fork or self-made bouquet of flowers from color tissues or silk ribbons).

5. Try to put figure of swan from napkin. Put it four times and turn so that the free ends have appeared at the left. Now bend the left and right tips of napkin: above the long sharp angle has to be created. Unbend its top down (the head of swan) and from two parties make equal folds. Press to each other two sides of "neck". For stability use tissue or fabric lined from foil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team